Career: Data analyst (specialist)

For Archetix, passion for technological progress and data is a key value. We are motivated by the efficient use of resources, not only within companies and societies but also in everyday life, logistics and nature. We are united by responsibility, positivity and openness. Our vision is to be at the forefront of analytics in the Czech Republic within two years and to venture into international waters under the Archetix brand.

Are you a person with a passion for data processing and data pipelines, looking for new wind in your sails in a new environment? With us, you’ll find a job where you’ll fully apply your analytical and technical skills. You will be looking after our clients’ data pipelines and working with data from a wide variety of fields. Every day you will work your way up to new knowledge in the field. You’ll be part of building and developing the product and have the space to bring your own ideas for improvements to the company.

During the time of our existence, we have already implemented many interesting projects with clients such as Saint Gobain, Hannah, Staropramen, Weber,, Nanospace, Smartlook, Outdoor Concept, Rock Point,, Actijoy, RealSimulator, Festival Finále, Weber, Rigips and many others.

If you want to navigate the fast-paced world of analytics, data and data processing, read on.

We are looking for a person who loves working with data and enjoys developing and exploring new and exciting projects, and wants to experience the company’s dynamic growth and expansion abroad with us.

Your position will be a combination of several professions. Not only will you work with data, but you will also be involved in the development of the product itself and, last but not least, you will be in charge of project management for individual clients. Every day is a little different and full of new challenges.

How do we see you?

We are looking for a quick learner with data processing experience to implement ETL projects for clients. We currently need an analyst with at least one year of experience to join our team. Someone who enjoys and is interested in data & wants to do quality analytics.

  • We require you to be a person who can work independently, have an action-oriented nature with passion, perform all tasks carefully, and have no problem finding information or a way to solve a problem on your own.
  • It is crucial to be able to learn on your own and find your own resources, solutions and examples of technology use.
  • If you have a sense of humor and love technology and innovation, you will fit right in.
  • Primary and key for us is your experience with SQL (optimally in Google Big Query). Knowledge of Keboola is an advantage.
  • We also welcome knowledge of Python, JavaScript, and experience with regex – regular expressions.
  • As part of development projects, you will get detailed exposure to the Keboola tool, and a number of modules in Google Cloud Platform – Cloud Functions, App Engine, Big Query, Firestore, Google Cloud Storage.
  • In our technology stack, you will also find Google Data Studio, Power BI, Knime, DeepNote and Dataform.
  • Our company is based on Google Workspace and it is nice to know how to navigate in this environment. We use Caflou for project management.

What would your working day look like?

Meetings, analytics, training – you can organize everything as you like. We know there’s no need to rush anyone to work and everyone knows when they are productive and need to do different things at different times. We take pride in this approach.

You can plan your day like this:

  • You can come to the office in the centre of Pilsen or connect remotely to Slack or Google Meet.
  • In the morning you make coffee or tea and after a short chat the work starts.
  • You work in a clean and cozy environment. The space is big enough for everyone to have their own quiet time and we can discuss projects at the same time.

And here we go.

  • The first thing you do is check your client data pipeline in Google Cloud or Keboola to make sure the data is being updated regularly and everything is working fine. If not, you and your data team colleagues will resolve any errors.
  • Then, for example, you process the assignment for new data integration or analytics projects and accomplish the communication with your clients.
  • Lunch is a time for rest when we go together or separately to replenish our energy.
  • In the afternoon, you sit down in the spacious office or on the couch in our relaxation room. Depending on the current project status, you will work on systems integrations and prepare SQL queries in Google Big Query for analysis or visualizations. If everything is successful, you will carry out documentation and make datasets available to clients or their account managers.
  • Then you can go for a run, grab a coffee or recharge your batteries in any other way.
  • The last hour is dedicated to things like education or developing internal tools, scripts, automations and add-ons for your day-to-day work.
  • Afterwards, you’ll review everything you’ve done, go over any tasks you missed or resolve requests you’ve collected during the day, and prepare for the next day.
  • You leave with the feeling that you’ve moved your projects forward, used data to show clients a new path and saved them costs that they can use for CSR activities, for example, just like we do.
  • You’ve solved challenges in existing data pipelines and in the afternoon we’re going to play Gloomhaven or eat some burger.

This is what your day as an Archetix would look like.

This is what your office would look like.

Who are The Archetix?

Archetix was the brainchild of three college friends who wanted to focus on real data in marketing and not just assumptions and opinions. We have gradually moved on from marketing data and now we offer comprehensive services in collecting, processing and integrating corporate data (mostly from marketing, customer analytics, logistics). The company’s vision is to reduce the waste of limited resources. We consider these to be primarily time, money and energy. Our goal is to make our clients work efficiently, make decisions based on data and put the money saved into innovation or CSR activities.

Over the long term, our team builds the analytical maturity of our clients. The team consists of Jirka, Michal, Martin and Marek. We work together on large projects, but mostly we work separately on the area we are responsible for. Marek primarily works on web and mobile analytics implementation projects, UX and is also the author of our maturity model. Jirka takes care of sales and other back-office processes, deals with data visualization and consultations for long-term clients. Michal is involved in data pipeline and integration development, data processing and analytics. As a web analyst, Martin helps with implementation projects, takes care of campaign analytics and reporting for clients. You as a new member will be preparing SQL queries and data visualizations and pipelines.

We work daily to be data processing pros who are not afraid of advanced web and mobile app analytics implementations. We also engage in customer analytics. Besides that, we are part of the Marketingová Plzeň community and regularly network or speak at national and international conferences. We also participate in the development of community, marketing and analytics tools such as Analytixer or Marketing Maps.

Do you want to become one of the Archetix?


Do you feel like working for us is the right fit for you right now? Does anything of the above interest you and you’re tempted to become an Archetix? Get in touch by emailing or calling +420 739 102 816.

We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Expect us to call you first to see if we’re on the same wavelength, then you’ll fill out a personality test and be invited to an online or offline interview. After that, you’ll complete one or two practical tasks that demonstrate our day-to-day work on client projects. On the final call, we will then discuss whether working together will be beneficial.

We are looking forward to meeting you

The Archetix Team

Individual roles and professions in the data business

Do you sometimes get lost in the various professions in data processing? We sometimes do. And that’s why we list how we perceive each position. Depending on the size of the company, the different roles can blend together, and only in really mature companies there is a clear delineation and division of roles. At Archetix,  given the size of our team, we still maintain a certain versatility and blend the different positions.

  • Data Scientist – understanding of the overall issue is key for him, he should know what data he needs and what he wants to do with it, he is not necessarily the one who does it, he is responsible for preparing projects and communicating with clients, together with the client he puts together business assignments
  • Data Architect – collects raw data and optimizes systems, deals with data protection, is the designer of data structures and systems, which are then created by the data engineer, follows current technology trends and always looks for the best solution
  • Data Engineer – realizes data storage, makes sure it is always available when the client or someone from the team needs it, also minds data being stored securely and with reasonable costs, partly solves data analysis
  • Data Analyst – performs data analysis to provide the best and most understandable materials to clients or managers, interprets data into a business form, creates visualizations and management reports for clients
  • Chief Data Officer – the person responsible for the company’s data on the client’s side, he deals with what data is worked with, how it is handled, whether data is consistent and whether its collection meets all legal requirements. Depending on the focus of the company, this role is often merged with the head of IT, head of marketing, head of sales, etc.
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