Marketing Meter

Every business is at a certain marketing level, to which they relate their respective marketing activities and analytics needs. Join us to find out where you stand with marketing maturity and what you could do to move forward!

Measure your company’s marketing maturity.

What do we ask in the Marketing Meter questionnaire?

We ask about who is responsible for the marketing organization, what your goals are, how you make decisions about marketing activities or what technologies you use for marketing, web or analytics. This is followed by a competitor analysis section or we ask how you work with data and where you store it.

All of this helps us determine your marketing and analytics progress (level 0-5) based on sophisticated calculations, and we’ll know where we should be heading together.

So what will be your level in the Marketing Meter? ?

What do we use Marketing Meter for?

We use Marketing Meter in onboarding implementation projects and in evaluating the long-term development of projects.

What is the maturity model supposed to help with?

Marketing Meter helps us evaluate the state of each part of your marketing. It also reveals how the different attributes relate to each other and whether they are in balance – for example, team experience, planning and goals, processes, customer knowledge or technology.

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