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“Get to know the job of a data analyst. Learn how to work with cloud technologies and understand how modern data platforms work. We’ll give your studies meaning and support them with practical training. Start your career with us.”

We are a young and progressively growing Pilsen company looking for new team members. Become one of the Archetix. 

Are you already an analyst? Take a look at our full-time data or web analyst positions.

What do we do?

We implement cloud technologies such as Keboola or Google Cloud for our clients, teach them how to work with corporate data and prepare the integration of individual systems. We also work as consultants for data and technology projects. It’s challenging but pretty cool work. Data analytics is the most progressive field where the tools are literally changing under our hands. We are always focused on adding value to the client.

During our existence, we have already implemented many interesting projects with clients such as Saint Gobain, Hannah, Staropramen, Weber,, Nanospace, Smartlook, Outdoor Concept, Rock Point,, Actijoy, RealSimulator, Festival Finále, Weber, Rigips and many others.

We offer a paid internship in our data team, which can give you valuable practice for your future career. Or stay with us straight away as a stable part of the team.

Who is the internship suitable for?

  • For future analysts who want to look into data pipes, data marts or warehouses and pursue the technical side of working with data in the cloud.
  • For future programmers who want to head more into data infrastructure, deployment and cloud management.

What do we offer?

  • A 3-month analytics track where we show you what the day-to-day work of an analyst involves, how to design and build data warehouses and data pipelines. You’ll get to try your hand at analytics on sample and client data. We will teach you working with the best tools and technologies that exist for data analytics.
  • We want to make you an analyst who can think about today’s most valuable resource (data), can kick data projects and business casuals at the client, and can handle the creation of more complex data instrumentation.
  • an office in beautiful premises at Veleslavínova 9, Plzeň, one street away from the town square
  • 1 – 2 working days in the office per week 10 – 14 hours (or more or less according to your time possibilities) 
  • in total about 40 – 60 hours per month 
  • monthly earnings up to 10 000 CZK – how much you earn per hour depends on your skill and contribution, if you do something in one hour instead of five, your value increases
  • cooperation under an agreement on completing a job, with the possibility of a later career with us
  • the internship is also suitable for students of secondary and higher education 
  • access to data instrumentation tools Keboola, Google Cloud, DBT
  • We can’t offer you a ping pong table or table football in a new-fashioned office, but we do have pinball, a drone, a TV, and peace
  • Other “employee benefits” include weekend barbecues on scenic country estates or outdoor expeditions led by an experienced mountaineer in the Czech Republic and abroad

What do we expect from you

  • ability to learn – you will have to learn a lot of things at the beginning, you can count on that, we will show you resources, give you proper materials and our time, but you will have to learn everything yourself
  • be independent – after the initial integration into the Archetix, you will be given your own tasks, we will first clarify what they are about and it will be up to you to tackle the tasks; many things are new to us and we use the same approach
  • know how to look things up – it will be a huge benefit if you can look up information, keep it in order and then use the information in practice
  • interest in analytics – what we do is processing data, it can be diverse, it can be well prepared or on the contrary completely useless. Even if you work on super projects, sometimes there will be monotonous work, you can count on that
  • interest in technology – every day we learn something new, something surprises or annoys us. The industry we work in is changing at an incredible pace and we’re keeping up with it

Do you require any technical experience?

  • we require you to know how to use a computer and the internet and not to have problems with spreadsheets
  • knowledge of Google tools – Google Cloud, Big Query, Google Analytics and of course Google Docs and Gmail is a big advantage, our whole company runs on Google technologies
  • another big advantage is knowledge of SQL, JavaScript or Python, but it is not a requirement at all
  • general knowledge of HTML, CSS and websites as such is also an advantage, you can use it when preparing reports and visualizations

Good, but what am I really going to do?

  • Archetix is an analytical studio. We offer clients a full range of data warehousing and data integration services. We solve with them the issues of their processing and what infrastructure to prepare. We then analyse the well-prepared data to provide client-side managers with key information for further direction and management decision-making. We teach the client to use Business Intelligence techniques.
  • We will teach you everything, as we know that these are modern digital technologies that are used in everyday practice, but there is no space for them in the classroom
  • Examples of projects you can work on
    • integration of data from individual systems via API into a data warehouse
    • data quality control in the data warehouse
    • data cleaning, descriptive statistics and subsequent analysis
    • working with time series and forecasts
    • creating visualizations and reports for managers
    • preparation of data instrumentation
    • enriching data with publicly available sources

Who’s going to lead you?

  • you will be taken care of by one of the co-founders of the company, everything will depend on your specialization, you will get acquainted with all of us
  • Marek is currently the director of the company and takes care of collecting data from websites or applications
  • Jirka takes care of recruiting people and running the company administratively and financially
  • Michal deals with data integration, analysis and visualization
  • Martin is our key person in the implementation of measuring web projects
  • Barča, as a data analyst, takes care of data visualizations and analysis

If you feel that an internship with us is the right fit for you, or if any of the above interests you and you are tempted to become an Archetix, please send a brief structured CV and a polished cover letter to:

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