About us

We don’t do marketing. We help you achieve your goals in the world of digital technologies.
Request only meaningful web analytics from our team of professionals.


CEO & Web Analyst

A goal without a plan is just a wish.


CTO, Data Analysis & Integration

Orientation in the amount of data is pivotal.


Team Leader of Web Analytics & Smartlook

The best marketing strategy: care.


Web Analytics

Data really powers everything that we do.


Web and Data Analytics


HR & Marketing

There is beauty in simplicity.


Data Analytics

Torture the data enough and it will confess to anything.

We help

Besides client projects, we also help with education in non-profit projects and organizations.

Our mission and ideas

Efficient use of resources

We hate wasting limited resources (food, time, money, energy). Our purpose is to use data to find ways to make the most of the resources.

Technological progress

Technological progress is essential for the development of humankind and makes the functioning of the whole society more efficient.

Passion for technology

We are fully prepared for the challenges brought by the digital age. We control technologies and teach our customers and the community around us how to manage them.

International environment

We operate in an international environment. We don‘t want to limit ourselves to the country in which we reside. Connection with experts and information from abroad is crucial to our further development. We use our findings, knowledge and abroad experience for the development of our team.


We believe effectiveness lies in sharing knowledge. Not in constantly inventing the same thing over and over again. That’s the only way we can all be effective. When working in a team, we pay attention to outright communication – everyone can express their opinion and be heard.


For us, problems mean new opportunities for innovation and technological progress. A positive attitude helps a person’s mental health.


Everyone is responsible for their decisions in their personal and professional life. If I am irresponsible, I am not effective enough and my irresponsibility will catch up with me sooner or later. We lead our team to responsibility.

Freedom at work

Organizing the work is in the hands of every single team member. He can determine by himself when, where from and how he will perform his tasks and spend his free time. We work in an online environment so that we are not tied to one place or one device.

Believing in others

We prefer belief in others and their abilities to control. If feasible, we offer a chance to everyone.


The connection between our mind and our body is inseparable. If one part gets sick, a person cannot function effectively. Health is a major component of efficiency and can be found in other systems such as society, humankind, and the planet.


Playfulness promotes team spirit and the joy of getting the job done. We function as a family at work and meet outside of work for various activities.
Board games, video games, beer nights, collaborative learning and hackathons are a regular part of company life. We believe that even adults can play, develop their thinking and maintain a reasonable level of silliness and zest for life.

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