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Basic analytics

Consultations on web analytics

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Google Analytics setup

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Setting up and long-term management of GTM

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Web analytics audit

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GA4 settings

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Migration to GA4

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Consultation and creation of measuring strategy

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Measurement implementation

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Evaluation of the maturity of analytics and marketing

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Data layer implementation

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Content grouping settings in Google Analytics

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Channel grouping settings in Google Analytics

Measurement protocol settings for Google Analytics

Measurement protocol settings for GA4

Transition from analytics.js to UA or GA4

Enhanced Ecommerce implementation

Migration of Enhanced Ecommerce measurements to GA4

Switching to GA4 on Shoptet

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Google Optimize implementation and setup

Setting up heatmaps and funnels in Smartlook

Setting custom dimensions and metrics

Setting goals and conversions on the web

Exclusion of internal traffic

Filters and alerts for Google Analytics

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Implementation of UTM link tagging strategy

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Data layer monitoring and audit

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Regular maintenance and monitoring of measurements

GA and GTM documentation

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Advanced analytics

GTM server-side implementation

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Single page application measurement

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Smartlook user identification settings

Implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce for non-shops

Implementation and setting of cross-domain measurements

Implementation of userId on the web

Connection of cookie consent to measurement

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Connection of Google Analytics with CRM or other systems

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Measuring purchases from the web backend

Implementation of analytics on the ecosystem of websites

Measurement and visualization of funnels on the web

Detailed decay according to measured conversions

Advanced web form measurement

Pairing leads to the internal system

SAAS project analytics

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In-app analytics

Analytics of mobile applications

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Campaign analytics for mobile applications

Analytics for agencies

Training of internal analytical teams

Training of consultants

Templates for clients and for GTM

Audits of client projects

Campaign measurement audits

Consultations on analytical topics

Monitoring and alerting measurements

Data analysis

Analyzes of internal statistics

Multichannel attribution of return on investment

Data UX analysis of a page or part of a website

Experiments and AB testing

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Cost budget per item

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Real-time margin calculation

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Web speed analysis

Shopping cart analysis

RFM analysis (customer segmentation)

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Server logs analysis

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Evaluation of lead quality

Google Analytics load speed optimization

Offline analytics with connection to the online world

Consultation on the attribution of conversions and marketing costs

Business Intelligence

Building and maintaining a data warehouse

Analytics automation

Automated data reporting

Automation in G-Suite tools

Alerts for Google Analytics

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Marketing a business

Marketing and measurement strategy

Advanced models in marketing

Customer analytics – segmentation

Marketing accelerator

STDC implementation

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