Reference projects and realizations

We choose the best companies and their products, as well as they demand our meaningful data-based marketing.

SaaS tool for analyzing user behaviour on websites and mobile applications.

New implementation of web analytics for the websites ecosystem, implementation of  tag manager, detailed documentation and measurement optimization.

Audit and reconstruction of web analytics, creation and implementation of measurement strategy, integrated measurement of websites ecosystem, implementation of tag manager, long-term experimentation

For True Clicks, we implemented data layer entry, complete GA4 settings and conversion tags, including server measurement for Google Ads Enhanced Conversion and Offline conversions.

We help with acquisition and retention analytics directly for Shoptet. At the same time, we are developing analytical integrations that are used by more than 40,000 e-shop users on the Shoptet platform.

Complete implementation and development of Business Intelligence procedures, building long-term analytical maturity, implementation and maintenance of web analytics.

Implementation of Smartlook measurement, data analytics and analysis of the purchasing process in the shopping cart.

We audited Travelcircus web, designed and implemented a new data layer. At the same time, we implemented and revised the GA4 and GTM tools. We also played with server-side GTM.

Implementation of customized Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce measurement for sophisticated material calculators and craftsman guides.

Measurement of the websites ecosystem, detailed measurement of calculators of building materials, with the possibility of remarketing the products from individual steps.

Audit and reconstruction of Google Analytics measurements, advanced implementation of web and digital analytics, long-term experimentation, A/B tests and analyses.

Development of web analytics and optimization of the portal and product catalogue for B2C and B2B customers.

Development of web analytics and optimization of the portal and product catalogue for B2C and B2B customers.

Audit and implementation of enhanced e-commerce measurement.

Performance marketing for online cart, measurement strategies, web analytics, preparation and management of PPC campaigns.

Google Analytics automation tool development, creation of addons in Google Apps Script, creation of content.

Audit and implementation of enhanced e-commerce measurement.

Consultation of marketing strategy, involving as professional guarantors and lecturers in educational programs for pupils and students.

Audit and upgrade of web measurements from analytics.js to a combination of Google Tag Manager and full use of dataLayer, long-term development.

Visualization of data from the CubeSat Pilsen Cube and VZLÚSAT microsatellite using Microsoft PowerBI.

Creating a marketing strategy, managing the performance of marketing activities, managing site measurements.

Visualization of data from monitoring the keywords, their automated reporting in Google Data Studio, creating a sample template with linking up the sources.

Analysis of customer behavior on the web.

STDC marketing strategy consultation, campaign management and basic web measurement.

Management of the company’s marketing strategy, management of marketing activities, implementation of STDC, implementation of measurement strategy, preparation and management of PPC campaigns.

Marketing strategy training, audit and advanced implementation of e-commerce measurement.

Audit, reconstruction and documentation of measurement tools, implementation of advanced e-commerce measurement, measurement of users, data visualization.

Creating a marketing strategy, implementation of STDC, basic implementation of measurement strategy.

Implementation of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce measurement, implementation of conversion measurement.

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