Comprehensive analytics solutions

We help companies find and
use the treasure hidden in the data.

Mobile and web analytics

Do you know where your customers come from and how they behave? Decide on further investments based on your data.

Data visualization

Get rid of dozens of poorly arranged tables in various places – we will create a visualized management report, so you will know the data at the first sight.

Data processing and transformation

Several providers, activities and tools at once – merge your data into one package, based on which you will be able to make decisions about your business.

Data analysis

Do not let dust settle on your important data and let us step in. We perform customized data analysis, including suggestions for further development of analytics.

Why choose Archetix?

Data collection, visualization and specific proposals – we will use all this for efficient use and
drawing your resources into the operation of the company and marketing.

We streamline the use of limited resources by meaningful use of data.

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