Career: Web Analyst (junior)

For Archetix, passion for technological progress and data is a key value. We are motivated by the efficient use of resources, not only within companies and societies but also in everyday life, logistics and nature. We are united by responsibility, positivity and openness. Our vision is to be at the forefront of analytics in the Czech Republic within two years and to venture into international waters under the Archetix brand.

During our existence, we have already implemented many interesting projects with clients such as Saint Gobain, Hannah, Staropramen, Weber,, Nanospace, Smartlook, Outdoor Concept, Rock Point,, Actijoy, RealSimulator, Festival Finále, Weber, Rigips and many others.

How do we see you?

  • you are a person able to work independently, of an action-oriented nature with enthusiasm
  • you can handle tasks with care
  • you can find information or a way to solve a problem on your own 
  • you have a sense of humour, you like technology and innovation 
  • you are interested in marketing
  • you have a positive attitude towards data and data processing

What may determine the selection of a candidate (not a prerequisite)

  • general knowledge of HTML, CSS and the functioning of websites as such
  • experience and knowledge of Google tools – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • you enjoy maths and know what a graph looks like and how you would create one
  • knowledge of Google Optimize, Google Ads, JavaScript, Google Apps Script and possibly Firebase or other modules from the Google Cloud platform

What would your working day look like?

  • You’ll work in a team with four marketing and web analytics enthusiasts who are passionate about staying on top of current trends, attending industry conferences, and developing the marketing and analytics community. 
  • You’ll come or drive to our office in downtown Pilsen and park in our parking lot. 
  • In the morning you will make coffee or tea and after a short chat with the guys you will sit down at the computer 
  • You work in a clean and cozy environment that encourages focus and allows working in a team. The space is big enough for everyone to have their own quiet time.
  • First, you check your client projects and measurements, make any adjustments or outsource them to developers.
  • Then you might work out assignments for new implementation projects and complete communication with your clients.
  • Lunch is a time for rest when we go together or separately to replenish our energy.
  • In the afternoon, you sit down in the spacious office or on the couch in our relaxation room and perform several analytical implementations from the simple ones to the more complex ones, document everything and send it to your clients or their account managers.
  • The last hour you dedicate to things like education or developing internal tools, scripts, automation and add-ons for your day-to-day work.
  • Afterwards, you evaluate everything you’ve done, go over the tasks you missed and prepare for the next day
  • You leave with the feeling you’ve moved your clients forward, brought them new business or helped them navigate their current business, solved challenges in measuring your projects, and learned at least three new things.
  • This is what your day as an Archetix might look like. 

Who are Archetix?

Archetix was the brainchild of three college friends who wanted to focus on real data in marketing and not just assumptions and opinions. The goal of the company’s operations is to make marketing meaningful and data-driven for companies. The team consists of Jirka, Michal, Martin and Marek. Marek is the brain of the operation, focusing on contextual marketing, web analytics implementation projects and UX. Jirka takes care of new clients, focusing on data visualization and consulting with long-term clients. Michal focuses on data processing and analytics. Martin handles campaigns and our marketing and is behind the development of our marketing methodology.

Passion for technological progress and data is a key value for us. We are motivated by the efficient use of resources, not only in marketing but also in everyday life, logistics and nature. We are united by responsibility, positivity and openness. Our vision is to be at the forefront of analytics in the Czech Republic within two years, to step out of marketing data and eventually to move into international waters.

During the time of our existence we have already implemented many short-term and long-term projects with clients such as, Staropramen, Outdoor Concept, Rock Point, Hannah, Actijoy, RealSimulator, Festival Finále, Weber, Rigips and others.

We work daily to be data processing pros who are not afraid of advanced web and mobile app analytics implementations. We also engage in customer analytics. Besides that, we are part of the Marketingová Plzeň community and regularly network or speak at national and international conferences. We also participate in the development of the community, marketing and analytics tools such as Analytixer or Marketing Maps.

Do you want to become one of the Archetix?

Do you feel like working for us is the right fit for you right now? Does anything of the above interest you and you’re tempted to become an Archetix? Send a brief, structured CV and a few sentences about why you want to become our colleague to:

We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.
Expect to fill out a personality test, be invited to an online meeting and complete one or two practical tasks.

We are looking forward to meeting you
The Archetix Team

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