Code of Conduct for Cooperation

If we have chosen to work with you, we strongly believe that we share the values described below.  We further ask that you do not engage in illegal or inappropriate behaviour, and that you are mindful of the health and safety of the parties involved. Simply do not harm those around you.
By adhering to these standards, you are helping to develop sustainable relationships with business partners and other collaborators.

Partnership values

Listed below are our standards for conducting business with our partners and customers.

Client focused

If we work for a client together, let’s focus on the success of our customers, and do what needs to be done to fulfil common goals.


We enforce zero tolerance for disrespect and discrimination. Here’s the thing: we don’t care about your nationality, religion, what gender you identify with, if you have tattoos or your hair is blue. Please share the same level of respect with others.

Fair Business Practice

Hold your business morals high and conduct fair business. Be honest, have integrity, don’t speak behind our backs, don’t share sensitive information, or don’t gossip about our employees.

Be active

Communicate on a regular basis. Keep us updated on your progress, what you are doing or planning. Ask us for help and offer your help.


Let’s cooperate together, communicate on a regular basis, speak out honestly, and work towards success. Be open to us.

Technological progress and passion for technology

Be innovative and have a passion for your work. You don’t have to be the best in your field, but you have to be really good and have drive for your field of work.

Have fun

Life’s short. Do good work and have good fun.

Efficient use of resources

Use every resource as efficiently as possible as it is your time, our time, raw resources or energy.

Health and Sustainability

Prioritise health and sustainability. We are in this for the long run. 


Hold us accountable.

Don’t be a jerk

Just don’t.


The values of our business partners emphasise the importance of cooperation, communication and mutual respect to achieve success. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and insist on fair business practices with honesty and integrity. We believe in balancing hard work with having fun, and encourage innovation and passion for technology. Regular communication and efficient use of resources are key, as is a commitment to health and sustainability for the long-term. When working with clients, our focus is on their success and fulfilling common goals. Lastly, we take responsibility for our actions and we expect our partners are also accountable.

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