Google Analytics 4 settings

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is currently the latest version of Google Analytics, which changes the way we look at web analytics. It is built on events (and parameters), whereas the original (GA3) Analytics was primarily based on page views and transactions (events were added later and are not the core of the tool). While hardly anyone was talking about GA4 just a few months ago, you should sit up and take notice now – setting them up right now is pretty much essential!

What can we help you with?

When starting a measurement in GA4, it is definitely not enough to switch the original measurement to the new one – don’t do that. We recommend collecting data in both environments and measuring in parallel.

  • Define the events and parameters on which GA4 is based
  • Implement turnkey measurement
  • Prepare individual reports so you can see the most important things at a glance
  • Project the transition from GA3

Advantages of GA4 and why now?

This version of Google Analytics is still in development and much is likely to change, but we recommend setting up measurement now and learning how to navigate/evaluate the very new reports. Better safe than sorry.

  • Modern approach for new projects (start measuring now and get ahead of the competition)
  • Availability of historical data (the sooner you measure, the sooner new data can be compared)
  • Ability to measure mobile apps and websites in one place
  • New baseline for legacy data (get used to looking at new metrics)
  • Funnels (great funnel creation)
  • More benevolent data sampling (returns more accurate data thanks to custom reports)
  • Event sets and complete customization (opportunity to create recommended events by Google or use custom terminology for all interactions)

Start measuring into the new GA4 as soon as possible, and leave the original measurements alone. If you need help with the setup, we are here to help. In addition to proprietary website solutions, we can also specify and set up GA4 on open source systems or boxed solutions.

Why choose us for your GA4 migration?

  • Experienced team of analysts with experience in many tools including GA4
  • We handle GA4 setup on a daily basis
  • We can work magic with the data layer
  • We are Shoptet partners
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