Importing marketing costs into Google Analytics

Evaluating the performance and effectiveness of marketing channels (ratio of inputs to outputs) is one of the basic activities that a marketing manager or specialist is engaged in. Often this evaluation is done manually in spreadsheets. You can partially simplify this process and, especially for operational decisions, import the costs of marketing channels directly into Google Analytics.

What data can be imported?

Basically, Google Analytics tracks spending only in tools that fall under Google (most often Google Ads, if you link the accounts). Data from Facebook, Heureka, Sklik and other tools will not be found here.

Everything can be solved by setting up the import of costs from individual marketing systems. We also have experience with importing the costs of marketing execution itself (specialists and agency costs), which can make a quick look at cost data even more accurate. And if you want to import and integrate non-marketing data more comprehensively, we can discuss other systems together. Read more about data integrations in our article on connecting data from marketing systems and databases.

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