Linking cookie consent to measurement

Are you dealing with user consent for measurement and personalized advertising (remarketing, audiences, etc.) on your website? And do you actually run remarketing tags according to it? Do you happen to use Advanced Matching on Facebook without user consent? Do you have a huge cookie bar on your site, but it doesn’t actually do anything technically? We can help you with our product linking cookie consent to measurement!

Maybe you should start addressing the issue of these consents and actually reflect these consents in your website measurement and remarketing and conversion tag settings. It’s challenging, but there are already tools to help you.

Experts expect that in early 2022 the EU ePrivacy Directive will see the light of day, which will bring clarity to this issue and the often heard arguments such as “nobody will solve this anyway” will not be enough. From long experience from our clients, we know that in this area it is better to be prepared rather than surprised. Google has taken a similar approach and has begun testing its version of consent in its popular tag manager, called Consent Mode. So your analysts and marketers now have plenty of time to learn this new feature.

Due to the complexity of the issue, we will be happy to help you with the setup.

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