SaaS project analytics

Lately, data analytics has been building more and more on users and their identification. If you are able to identify your customer, you can start with real analytics. This is the big advantage with SaaS projects that build on the customer and their long-term retention.Based on the data collected, you can produce a large number of useful analyses that you can use for your marketing and business activities. Concepts like Long-term Customer Value or RFM Analysis will suddenly be much more accessible to you.

No need to build your own system, just make smart use of available tools

We can say that there is no one unified tool on the market that is ready for SaaS projects. For example, Google Analytics is primarily ready for measuring e-commerce and regular presentation websites. However, there’s no reason to despair, you don’t necessarily need to build your own solution to get started measuring your project.

That’s what we’re here for!

We use existing tools, such as Google Analytics or Smartlook for example, which we can customize for our clients’ needs. In 99% of cases, these tools are abundantly sufficient.

When it comes to tackling larger, more complex projects, we extend the process to include other tools from the Google family, such as Google Big Query. In case we need to connect the collected data with data from other systems, we prefer to use Keboola.

What data do we want to collect?

Join us in answering these questions. We’ll help you develop a measurement strategy that’s relevant to your business. The point is not to race to see who can collect the most different data. The most important thing is to collect meaningful data that reflects your business, your level of maturity, based on which you will be able to make responsible decisions about your sales and marketing activities.

How do I access my data?

This is exactly the part that Archetix can help you with. Not only will we help you choose the right combination of tools, but we will also handle the implementation itself. In cases where you need to intervene in the code of your application or your website, we will prepare a very specific assignment for you, which you just hand over to your developers and they will handle it easily.

I’m collecting data, what should I do with it?

We will be happy to help you with this part as well. We will process the collected data for you into clearly arranged reports that everyone who needs to work with data will be familiar with. From the collected data we can prepare different types of one-off or long-term analyses that you will need. If you’re not sure what analysis is right for you and how it can help you, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to answer those questions too.

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