Setting up dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is a type of remarketing that allows you to target advertising to your website users based on their activity.

Dynamic remarketing is ideal especially for e-shop owners. At key moments such as adding a product to the cart, viewing a product or making a purchase, the product IDs that the user has seen are sent to the advertising system and based on this, products can be shown in dynamic remarketing. 

The most common form of dynamic remarketing is displaying products with a current price or discount promotion in a content network across the Internet.

Dynamics vs. classic remarketing

Compared to traditional remarketing, dynamic remarketing has one big advantage – it allows you to automatically show users products that they have directly viewed or otherwise interacted with on the web. The system itself decides based on data what products or pages are displayed to the user.

Essential for dynamic remarketing

Product feeds are also related to dynamic remarketing, i.e. most often structured XML files containing currently available products on an e-shop. Such a list of products must be provided to the advertising system, ideally in a form that allows daily or more frequent updates.

If you need any help with the above-mentioned issues in terms of implementation and data, please contact us.

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