Web analytics audit

“Do you have a web measurement set up? And could we see it? Oh yes, not at all.”

This is how our most successful projects often begin. Why? It’s when the client realizes the gravity of the situation and the complexity of the setup that comes with modern analytics and marketing technology tools.Typically, the client relies on our years of experience and outsources all analytical processes to Archetix. In return, we offer the highest quality service in the industry, open and honest communication and first-rate data collection.

What does the audit look like?

Our technical audit, which we regularly refine and includes more than 100 checkpoints and processes, reveals the current state of a project’s analytics (most often a website or mobile app). Among other things, the audit will reveal if one of 13 web analytics issues is accidentally occurring on the site. 

The audit is then used to create a specific business case, prioritize the project and tasks, and set a schedule along with deadlines. The purpose is to design a way of sustainable development of project analytics with a focus on the client’s goals.

We often discover situations such as:

  • The analytics are accessed by a person or an agency where the collaboration ended several years ago
  • Due to technical errors made by developers, only half of the website is measured
  • There are completely different advertising accounts attached to the measurement
  • We send website audiences to pixel or remarketing code that we don’t have access to

And there’s more

But audit is not just about technical setup. It is also about a philosophical approach to data and analytics. We care how the marketing team thinks about marketing channels and their goals, conversions, or what experience they have in dealing with data.

What to do with the audit results? There are usually a large number of topics that need to be addressed. They can relate to the technical state of the website, the approach of the marketing team and the setup of analytical tools or approaches to them. However, not everything can be solved right away, and what happens after the audit is related to the marketing and analytical maturity of the project. It’s like with a car – when you learn to drive, you probably won’t buy a Ferrari right away; on the other hand, an experienced driver is no longer impressed by a Škoda Favorit nowadays. And so it is with analytics. Analytics should not overtake the maturity of the marketing team and, on the contrary, a mature team should receive quality data for its decision-making.

These are also points that our audit and subsequent consultation with our experts will reveal. Request an audit of your project’s web and mobile analytics today and start building its long-term analytics maturity in a meaningful way.

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