Web analytics consulting

Does it happen to you, as a marketer or manager, that you come across a topic in the field of analytics and data that you don’t know the answers to? Do you need advice on how to approach website and application measurement? What is possible in analytics and what is not?

Do you need help answering specific questions about setting up conversion pixels, remarketing tags or data collection systems like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Smartlook?

Do you need a strategic grasp on developing analytics of your projects? 

Contact us for a web analytics consultation. We can without hindrance complement your team’s analytics expertise and focus on what you do best without the necessity of gathering information complicatedly.

We are capable of being an analytics partner for both management and business owners.

Feel free to contact us with both sub-questions and complex issues aimed at developing your project’s analytical maturity.

What have we already dealt with?

During the consultation, we will discuss your current situation, the topic you are coming to us with, and find the best way to use data and analytics to grow your business. Our team of professionals stays on top of trends and current marketing technologies and can provide expert insight into your project.

  • Technical specification for creating the data layer
  • Cross-domain measurement within the websites ecosystem
  • Measuring AMP websites
  • Right product ID settings for remarketing
  • Consultation on setting up conversion actions
  • Importing costs
  • Approach to mobile app measurement
  • Analysis and consultation of internal website searching
  • Strategic development of projects analytics

Comprehensive knowledge of analytics with overlap to other areas

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge, we are able to offer fine overlaps into key marketing areas (such as PPC campaigns, SEO, product advertising, emailing, and more) and thus be the right hand for your specialists. 

We often also help our clients with selecting the right technologies for their future development or redesigning a project. We often serve as a bridge between the client, developers, or other specialists, and are duplex translators of the languages of these tribes.In our experience, when we join a project’s analytics, previously unaddressed topics appear, and the project gains new momentum allowing it to be completed and meet its goals.

Why clients choose us to consult on their projects

  • Honest and open communication
  • Documentation of all settings
  • The business benefit of our recommendations
  • The opportunity to rely on professionals
  • An unbiased view of the work of other subcontractors on your projects
  • Inserting analytical questions right into your project kick-off materials and assignments
  • Asking the less popular but important questions

Helping agencies

If you are an agency, we can complement your team’s analytical expertise to provide full service to your clients. We are able to train internal agency and client teams and offer experience working with start-ups, mid-sized companies and corporate projects.

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