Bára Soukupová

Data analysis & AI

I am working on visualizations and reports based on data from Michal. In addition, I am responsible for attribution model comparisons, RFM analysis and automatic data checks.

Thanks to the reports, clients get to know the data, which can be confusing at first glance. But when you have the right data and clear visualizations, there’s nothing to worry about.

Popular tools and services

At Archetix, I most often (and happily) work with Keboola, which is nice, fast and reliable. Then for example with Bigquery data warehouse and last but not least with Google Data Studio visualization tool.

How did it all start?

I started in a completely different field – diplomatic simulations (simulating UN meetings). It wasn’t until my last year of high school that I decided I actually wanted to try something technical, so I chose the best sounding major at the Faculty of Applied Sciences – cybernetics. In school I then joined Nvias, where I taught Minecraft and organized various events (such as the Future Factory competition, where 100 kids sent us Minecraft creations, or workshops focused on artificial intelligence). At Nvias, I met Mark’s great friend Eliska, who mentioned that they were looking for someone experienced full time in Archetix. So they took a complete noob on part-time. ?

Hobbies and interests outside work

I definitely like food and traveling – I’m such a food tourist, I liked Wroclaw the most (surprisingly) – they have a lot of gluten-free food.

I’m tempted by South America or Thailand. When I finish school, I’d love to work full-remote from a tropical destination like Thailand or Bali.

And the rest – I’ll summarize that in bullet points:

  • school, which takes up too much of my time 
  • board games, Dungeons & Dragons, reading (fantasy)
  • modern technology (especially hardware – new phones, computers, etc.)
  • sports – gym, formerly more action sports
  • computer games – The Witcher, Skyrim

Products I am in charge of

Automated data reporting

RFM Analysis

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Analyzes of internal statistics

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