Case study: how is transforming logistics, a price comparison engine for shipping services, has been on the market since 2014. It was already a successful startup at the beginning of its business due to the integration of GLS, Geis and Toptrans, which are some of the most used shipping companies in the Czech Republic and Europe. The company’s prosperity gradually grew and so did their overall team of employees, allowing the company to develop the first mobile application for parcel shipping on the Czech market. In 2017, they took control of and acquired an investor from South Africa, which led to many major changes in the company, namely expanding the customer segment, establishing relationships with important partners and carriers, building the African brand and launching the global website Thanks to the cooperation with several professionals, has become a leader in the Czech shipping market and is moving further into the international spheres.

Website needs

Archetix started working with the comparison engine in April 2020, when it was still in the startup phase. The client had clearly defined requirements and saw the potential for growth in the data analytics industry, so they decided to use our services and we offered them the perfect web analytics. In general, it is very important for startup companies to perform web and UX measurement to ensure their growth and achieve their business goals. With our experience and knowledge, it was no problem to implement and set up these services. At the same time, they decided not to build an in-house BI department yet, so it was a clear match.


At the beginning we had to check and reconfigure the already established web analytics that was using before us, which is what we always do. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google Analytics, a custom tool, or conversion and remarketing tags to all the different systems (FB, Google Ads,…). The need is always to have someone to take care of these tools, update their documentation and settings and for this reason sought our expert help. At the same time, we were able to contribute marketing and business ideas and add data insights.

The main requirement that initially addressed was the issue of data accuracy and the fact that the data differs (in Facebook and Google Analytics). At the same time, they asked us for expert consultation on the development and development of a mobile application, for which they also considered its measurement. At the time, the client already had several domains in operation ( and Chytrýbalí and this always complicates the analytics. 

They also asked us to visualise the conversion funnel and other business insights. In this case, it was about finding a supplier, finding a carrier, paying for the service and final ordering.

Consultation part of the project

At the same time, the client invited us to provide an unbiased view of the entire project. That is not a problem for us thanks to our transparent approach. So we prepared a comprehensive technical and analytical audit. Plus we presented the company with our recommendations and comments that can move the project forward. This “initial assessment” of the project is very valuable for both parties. We also need to know the whole project, the tools used and the client’s philosophy.

In our projects, often after setting up web measurement, fixing major errors, solving conversion measurement problems, we then move on to dealing with the company data – the customer database. In the case of, it was an order database for which we started creating data warehouses and provided overall data management. So the result of our work was building a cloud data warehouse created on Keboola and Google Cloud. The data warehouse supplies them with the data needed for customer analysis, reports and automated mailing. On a daily basis, we monitor and manage all the data pipelines related to this integration.

We performed important visualizations in Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio) and subsequently provided them to managers. The marketing team also used these reports for their further strategic actions.

We mainly worked with the marketing director Martin Kudera and his marketing team. We solved technical issues with their technical director Stanislav Sumbal or head of developers Jiří Štanglica. Currently, we are working most with Alžbieta Nečasová, who holds the position of project manager for digital marketing. The communication and solving of requests took place, as is already customary today, in fortnightly sprints.


Thanks to the refinement of the client’s website measurement, the performance of the campaigns has been improved. Better quality audiences and more accurate conversion data were acquired and reached. That allowed the client to grow and expand their products and services.

In regards to data warehousing, the company’s managers were able to use visualisation tools. Thanks to that they had quick access to cleansed and ready data that is stored in the cloud. Data warehouses have proven very beneficial for automation over the customer tribe for segmentation and mailing needs. They have also provided the marketing department with a clear view of the data and make decisions accordingly. That way we have managed to support the data culture of the company to some extent. 

Follow-up advanced projects with

Thanks to the smooth collaboration, where the client received what they needed and required, our collaboration can continue. Collaboration of a long-term nature makes sense in the data analytics industry. It is because measurement is susceptible to change (privacy, data protection → measurement code changes). Subsequently data quality is compromised and consistency from sites and applications can vary. Outages and functionality of data integrations are monitored through regular audits. Quarterly assessment of data settings and addition of new tools (FB, Google Ads, Sklik, Sendinblue) as well as automated data quality checks.

The technological stack we work with at the client includes the Sendinblue tool. We use it for sending newsletters and automated emails, where we prepare data directly from the web or from the client’s database.

The structure and quality of the data warehouses continues to be developed and project tracking is maintained over the long term. During the period of cooperation the client has added several projects – expansion to Slovakia ( and expansion to South Africa ( During the cooperation, the whole company grew and thus the portfolio of projects we solved together expanded.


Our overall partnership is aimed at deepening our work on company data. It revolves around orders, their efficiency and reactivating the customer tribe. Due to the growth of, further expansion is expected. Also a unified measurement methodology will be deployed on future projects. We are happy to be a part of this corporate growth as Archetix. Thanks to this, we have recently been helping the company to recruit new colleagues. Specifically for data-focused roles – analysts, engineers and warehouse managers.

Do you also need help managing your data, creating data warehouses or performing necessary research and analysis on your data? Let’s make the most of your data and take your business to the next level!

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