Jiří Viták

Finance & HR

At Archetix I am responsible for visualization, back office and HR. 

My job is to make sure that the other team members don’t have to worry about offers, invoicing, contracts – in short, they have time to do what is their main job. In the same way, no one has to deal with interviews. I make sure that the back office activities are a separate unit that everyone can rely on.

It may seem like the back office has no benefit to our clients, but it’s just the opposite. I actively communicate with clients, maintain the financial plan for projects and handle all billing.

Favorite tools and services

My favorite services are the ones I use on a daily basis – i.e. Caflou and the Google Workspace ecosystem. In HR, I’ve grown to love LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite. What I’m most excited about, even based on our company values, is that I’ve moved to a state where I check in everything from a browser. So I’m not dependent on where I’m currently working.

How did it all start?

I was a bit of a non-student at school. I mostly went to lunch. I tried faculty of applied sciences (programming and mathematics), faculty of electrical engineering (I don’t even know what it was) and faculty of economics. I topped it off with a six-month course at theatre faculty (DAMU).

At school I enjoyed absorbing interesting things and even information from various fields, but I didn’t enjoy learning.I didn’t even get a bachelor’s degree in anything I studied, but I used the maximum time of my studies – that counts. The school allowed me to gain valuable contacts.

First job

From my first part-time jobs, I mostly dealt with marketing, sales and event management, i.e. organizing events. In addition, I was a volleyball referee.

At work I was a sales representative and later a sales manager for three regions. I got more into marketing at MAT group, where I was in charge of retail presentation (stores, graphic materials). I also got my colleague Michal a job at MAT group.

I also devoted quite a lot of time to non-profit activities – for example, I still run the Boříková Music School.

Hobbies and interests outside work

Lately I have been devoting myself mainly to my daughter Johanka and my wife – family comes first. As far as hobbies are concerned, I enjoy music the most. I actually play everything, but nothing properly. ? 

I can play guitar, piano, violin, bass, harmonica and wind instruments like sax or flute. I recently started learning drums.

I especially like team sports, for example beach volleyball. I take a break from thinking on a scooter, in the sauna or with board games. I like to paint, even if I’m not good at it. I experiment a lot in the kitchen, mostly with Asian dishes.

We play board games quite often at the company. The thing I enjoy most about that would be the time we spend together with the other team members. I try At the cottage, my role as a dad moves from family and Archetix to home improvement – I enjoy carpentry and I like to build or improve something myself. I bought a router and a welder for Christmas.

Products I am in charge of

Data visualization

Project management and reporting

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