Michaela Hrušková

B2B Sales Development Representative

In our company, I am actively involved in B2B business relationships and the development of external cooperation. My efforts consist of connecting our analytical team with key partners and creating a space where they can inspire each other and find ways to succeed together. The main goal of my work is to introduce the value of our services, especially web analytics, to all potential clients who could improve their business and achieve their goals through it.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

My position is the bridge between our services and our customers. That’s probably what I enjoy most about it. I am completely fulfilled by the idea of connecting two business worlds, and then supporting and watching what emerges and grow from such a connection.

My job is all about identifying potential business partners and establishing successful collaborations that lead to expanding our customer portfolio and good relationships. The goal is to close one-off deals, but also to proactively build long-term relationships with customers. This results in repeat collaborations and customer satisfaction.

How did it all start?

I first heard about Archetix in high school when I was part of a student organisation. Meeting the founder, my current team leader, and the fact that they were also part of the organisation in the past made my joining very enjoyable! As soon as I saw that Archetix was looking for reinforcements for the team, I applied and hoped it would work out! AND IT DID! And I couldn’t be happier here. 

Hobbies and interests outside of work

Aside from my B2B sales position, I am also the head of a student organisation in the Czech Republic and I manage marketing for a German organisation. Through these positions I discovered my passion and interest in travelling and experiencing other cultures. When travelling I am a huge fan of all personal development podcasts, music of all kinds (especially Taylor Swift haha) and if you put a cat or dog with me I will entertain myself for hours. That’s me, nice to meet you.

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