Deepnote is an online programming environment. It is a simple tool for teams where users can connect, explore and analyse their data together. They can create real-time versions and easily share and present the edited output to end users. 

Which package would be most suitable for you? Deepnote offers both free and paid pricing plans, here’s an overview of all three versions:

  • Free – The first version is for individual users who want to use Deepnote for e.g. their studies. As the name implies, the package is free and allows 3 editors, a maximum of 5 projects, unlimited Basic machines and a 7-day revision history.
  • Team – This package costs $31 per month and helps data teams collaborate and share their work. It is provided free of charge for students and teachers. It has unlimited team members, unlimited projects, unlimited Plus machines, integrations from premium tools (Snowflake, SQL Server, BigQuery, Redshift,…) and 30-day revision history.
  • Enterprise – The last package serves organizations with more powerful machines and security needs. Because this version is custom-made for companies, the provider also customizes the package price.It offers everything from previous packages, volume discounts on machines, Okta SSO, unlimited revision history, success manager, custom contract and invoice.

Deepnote works on the basis of Jupiter notebooks. With cloud integration and git integration, it simplifies access for novice users. With real time collaboration, familiar from Google Docs for example, it makes it easier to collaborate with other users. Deepnote attempts to bridge the situation associated with working remotely, where you suddenly can’t turn to a colleague and ask them to look at the code with fresh eyes.

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