Marketing accelerator for startups and interesting projects

As part of our activities, we decided to help startup companies in addition to non-profits. We have created a marketing accelerator for startups and interesting projects.

You can read more about what the marketing accelerator offers here.

The first company we chose is “Děláme do plen“, a company that sells cloth diapers and also helps to take care of them. It also carries out education on this parenting issue. Why did we choose this company? We like the concept of the company – compared to disposable diapers, these cloth diapers do not burden the environment. Besides, one of our founders, Jiří, became a father and everything fit together beautifully.

Our cooperation consisted of several online meetings, as the company’s headquarters is in Zlín and face-to-face meetings would have been difficult for both parties. During each meeting we discussed part of the overall package we had planned together.

Our first meeting consisted of a part where we presented to Tomáš Petržel, who is the author of the project, what awaits him, we found out his work goals, we put together the company brand, personas and what products to target for the given personas. At other meetings, we gradually discussed the entire SEE – THINK – DO – CARE marketing framework. It was then followed by the creation of content, strategies and a measurement strategy – how and where to measure the success of activities.

In the last meeting, we went over everything we’d done together over the time, set up our first paid ad, answered any last questions and set things up for the future. 

The tangible output for Tomáš was a clearly set marketing strategy, defined personas, goals and products, outlined communication and content plan and prepared campaign concepts.

How does Tomáš – the owner of “Děláme do plen” – comment on our work?

We are the project and we participated in the Marketing Accelerator by Archetix. Participation in the accelerator was time-consuming, full of tasks and very intense. However, this is what I appreciate the most. The guys guided me through the online world of advertising, showed me a lot, and I still have a head like a balloon and several pages of notes from it. But the main thing is that it wasn’t a training session, it was full of assignments, Q&A, discussions and action. The Archetix went over the important and often missed basics with me (very extensive basics) in quite a detailed way. We went through a few tools directly on specific campaigns and settings. They also gave us a lot of advice and recommendations.

Hopefully our collaboration doesn’t end there, I’ll look forward to seeing how we continue to work together on campaigns and the development of our project in general. Anyway, at this stage I can say that I have a better understanding of online promotion tools, I know what they are for, how to work with them and most importantly how to analyze them. Lest I forget, it’s not all about the online environment – the Archetix helped us significantly to realize, define and write out a marketing strategy, which they then helped us to translate into a plan using their in-house sophisticated tool that nicely links and connects the different modules. I believe this will make us better at doing complete marketing and not just advertising. Thanks a lot! I highly recommend it to any project that will work at least a little bit on the internet.

Tomáš Petržela

We are glad that the first company for our product – marketing accelerator – was Tomáš and his company “Děláme do plen”.

We would like to continue our program with other companies, maybe we are looking for yours!

What do I need to do to get a marketing accelerator from Archetix for my project?

WHAT – what is your project and what does it deal with
WHY – why are you working on it and why should we be interested in the project
HOW – how far along are you with marketing, how are you dealing with individual things
WHO – who is behind the project, who are you working with on the project, what is the team like.

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