Marketing Accelerator

What does the marketing accelerator contain?

It consists of five two-hour sessions, where we will teach you how to think about marketing in your project. We will guide you through the creation of the STDC framework, teach you how to think about potential customers and customer paths, show you how to plan and create content or how to plan the measurement and evaluation of marketing. Between sessions, you will solve tasks directly on your project and move your marketing forward. Ideally, one meeting will take place physically in Pilsen, because we also want to meet you.

Who is marketing accelerator for?

We mainly focus on projects and companies who are at the beginning of their marketing journey. In ideal circumstances, whey already has working products or will be launching in the next few weeks. . It can be a startup, student project or non-profit organization.

What do you have to do for your project to have a chance to get a marketing accelerator?

Send us an email on

What – What is your project about
Why – why do you have this project a why we have to be interested in
Current situation – how do you solve marketing
Who – Who lead the project, who is in the team and some information about you

What will it cost?

Time on your project. The marketing accelerator has a value of approximately 20 – 30 000 CZK. Acceleration is intended only for selected projects and just and only for them it is free. We choose projects that we like, enjoy and that are interesting for us. We like projects that help community issues and improve the lives of the citizens of our country. If your project is committed to one of the goals of sustainable development, we consider it a great advantage. 

Projects that complete our marketing accelerator are entitled to have our services for 1 month for 50% of the price.

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