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A conscious marketer or web analyst should also think about the qualitative side of web analytics and not just the quantitative (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo). At Archetix, we use a set of tools that only when used synergistically will deliver the expected results and that are always suitable for different cases and use. For example, Smartlook is one of the tools for qualitative analytics. Smartlook has areas in which it is a truly excellent tool. These include testing and optimizing landing pages for campaigns or testing hypotheses when creating new websites or applications. It helps reveal customers behaviour, outline the customer journey and highlight technical errors. It is the right hand of every User Experience (UX) or Customer Experience (CX) consultant and marketer who is serious about digital.

For those who want to try everything out first, Smartlook offers a 10-day trial of the highest package named Power, where you can try working with an unlimited number of events and heatmaps. If you need help with the tool we will be happy to help you with implementation or analysis of Smartlook data.

What do we most often reveal with Smartlook?

  • helps discover what we can improve about the product and how to increase conversions
  • shows how campaign landing pages work (what content users see and how they interact)
  • displays issues on smaller handheld devices, responsiveness and usability
  • customer misunderstanding of CTA elements and other elements of the site (buttons that are not clicked but should be)
  • use of non-interactive web elements (images looking like buttons, text looking like links)
  • non-functional CTA elements – buttons, forms (amount of repeated “Rage” clicks)
  • detection of additional barriers in the customer journey on the page by events and funnels (the user is supposed to do steps A, B, C and D, but stops at B, why?)
  • Untreated error messages and customer communication (we track interaction with error windows and console errors)
  • Discovering bottlenecks in the customer journey (where they leave the conversion funnel)
  • Optimizing complex forms and dealing with dropouts (is the form understandable as users fill it out?)
  • whether people are consuming the content offered (using heat and scroll maps)
  • understanding the cart flow and its conversational nature
  • helping to detect 404 errors and other content loading issues (using recordings)
  • verifying hypotheses based on anomalies in Google Analytics (e.g., conversions in Smartlook dropped out, then I reveal that a form wasn’t submitted)
  • easy tracking of the impact of A/B testing on the site (funnel conversion rate before and after the change)
  • optimizing blank spots on the site and working with page fold (white space, object spacing and average page fold)

What features do we find most useful in the tool?

  • events, primarily because of the unlimited number of them and the possibility of creating them additionally
  • heat maps to understand customer behaviour and their technological equipment
  • funnels due to their incredible ease of use
  • segments for easy orientation in recordings
  • reports allow you to select the most used data on the account homepage
  • suggested solutions for site customization will no longer contain random, unsubstantiated and biased opinions of consultants, but will be based on the behavior of your users

We give Smartlook 5 stars, mainly for its high added value in specific cases related to understanding customer behavior (CX) and optimizing web design, ease of use and excellent support. It is the right tool when you need to supplement quantitative (numerical) data from Google Analytics with qualitative customer data. At the same time, we consider it a necessary part of the toolkit that a marketer or web analyst should use. Of course, using the tool on its own is not redemptive.

We simply love Smartlook and that’s why we became its implementation partner in 2019. Thanks to this, we can help you even better with optimizing funnels and customer journeys on your website or optimizing landing pages in general. We will also make it easier for you to get the tool up and running in your marketing department and provide the necessary training.

One hour of CRO and UX consultation for Smartlook for free

If you sign up for a 10 day Power trial Smartlook account via the button below you will get an hour of consultation for setting up Smartlook on your web project with free advice for the right choice of paid package.*

* The link contains an affiliate link, on the basis of which we will see your registered account in the list. If your account is not there your right to consultation expires. To obtain a consultation, contact us.

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