Measurement implementation

It all starts with a web analytics audit, or the implementation project itself. According to the measurement strategy, we set up measurement tools for data collection, reporting and visualization.

We work with the client based on the logic of the STDC framework approach and our own marketing methodology. We update our methodology according to case studies and recommendations directly from Google, whose tools we use.

Our activities are directed towards a meaningful concept of data-driven marketing for our clients. The aim of our work is to show the importance of digital analytics for our clients’ business development. Willy-nilly, for anyone who has a website, digital marketing forms a part of their business, and therefore it makes sense to engage in digital analytics.

Tag management

With the arrival of a number of online services, tools, comparison sites and advertising networks, a number of codes and scripts (so-called tags) have emerged, which must be inserted into websites for proper functionality (the most well-known include Facebook Pixel, AdWords, various chat services, recording tools, tools for creating audiences and personas, other scripts in the form of various listeners, A/B tests or SEO tweaks, etc.).

To make them work properly, you had to use a programmer, but now you can manage everything through dedicated tools – tag managers – like Google Tag Manager. The undeniable advantage is that tags can be edited independently of the website version. The tag manager code is only inserted once into the web page and any changes are then made in the admin interface. Thus, from a development perspective, a website can exist in a different version than the tag manager. So the website will be in version 3.1, for example, but the version of the code in the tag manager may be 6.0. This would not be possible with a normal development system, and with new tags, you would always have a new production version of the website or application.

Reference project

We unified web analytics across the client’s web projects and got it in shape like never before. We introduced a measurement methodology and comprehensive documentation to enable easy further development.

As part of the Outdoor Concept group, we have completed the measurement implementation of two new Czech e-shops for the Hannah and Rafiki brands, and one international e-shop for the KEEN brand.

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