Migration to GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is now the latest and for the near future the only supported version of Google Analytics. GA4 is different in implementation and overall changes the way we look at web analytics as we have known it for decades. The entire measurement philosophy and data structure is based on events (and their associated parameters), whereas the original (GA3) Universal Analytics was based primarily on page views and transactions (events were added later and were not the core of the tool).

Why make the transition now?

A few months ago, GA4 was rather fun for advanced analysts, and despite the recommended dual tracking (simultaneous tracking of a website to both GA3 and GA4), only a fraction of users used the tool. Now everything has changed, as Google has officially announced that the last data collected will be processed by the tool on July 1, 2023. So all users of the tool have until then to migrate and adopt GA4. If you want to have year-on-year comparisons in the tool you only have the option until 1.7.2022.

Especially for larger projects, where dozens of events or products and ecommerce purchases are already being measured, the migration can be a tough nut to crack, which is why we recommend using the services of experienced analysts.

However, GA4 implementation and migration is not just about the technical setup, a big part of it is also analyzing the existing implementation, creating a clear business brief, educating and onboarding the team or migrating reporting and management reports to the new data source. A complete GA4 adoption project can take 8-16 weeks, depending on its extent.

You can also read more about what’s new in GA4 on our blog.

What can we help you with?

Wondering what steps a potential GA4 transition project would include? How is the onboarding of new clients done? Read on and secure the appropriate capacity today.

  • Setting up the business case for the whole project
  • Audit of existing GA3 implementation
  • Account structure design – property, data streams
  • Setting up accounts and property
  • Creation of data streams
  • Setting up data processing conditions (User-ID, Google Signals, retention time, connection to Google Ads, connection to Search Console)
  • Migration table for GA3 > GA4 events
  • Migration table for GA3 > GA4 custom dimensions and metrics
  • Migration table for GA3 > GA4 goals
  • Creating assignments for developers
  • GA4 implementation itself (we 100% recommend Google Tag Manager)
  • Checking, testing and comparison of GA3 vs GA4 data – discovering new baseline
  • Optional: Migration of audiences and use of predictive models
  • Optional: Integration of GA4 + CRM using a data platform such as Keboola or Google Cloud
  • Optional: Moving reporting from GA3 data to GA4 data
  • Sharing GA4 accounts and reports across the company
  • Onboarding of marketing and management team
  • A series of training sessions across the company
  • Management, maintenance and long-term development of measurement

Benefits of GA4 and why now?

Google Analytics 4 is currently under very active development and new features are being added on a monthly basis that are revolutionary in the field of analytics. Take a look at those we think are significant.

  • Modern approach for new projects (start measuring now and get ahead of the competition)
  • Use of modern techniques (data attribution, anomaly detection, data storage in Big Query)
  • Availability of historical data (the sooner you measure, the sooner new data can be compared)
  • Ability to measure mobile apps and web in one place
  • New baseline for legacy data (get used to looking at new metrics)
  • Funnels (great funnel creation)
  • More benevolent data sampling (returns more accurate data thanks to custom reports)
  • Event sets and complete customization (ability to create recommended events according to Google or use custom terminology for all interactions)

Don’t hesitate a moment longer and ensure the appropriate capacity of our team today. Demand is high and our capacity is limited.

Why choose us for your GA4 migration?

  • Experienced team of analysts with experience in many tools including GA4
  • We handle GA4 setup on a daily basis
  • We can work magic with the data layer
  • We partner with Shoptet, WPJ Shop and other e-commerce solutions
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