Monitoring, auditing and validating the data layer

If you are a company that cares about the quality and accuracy of the data you get from your web projects, you probably already use a technique and measurement helper called a data layer, or more specifically a JavaScript object called dataLayer by Google and its Google Tag Manager.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the philosophical concept of a data layer, a kind of web superstructure that forms an intermediary between the frontend interface that the user interacts with, and analytical or marketing tools, or more specifically the dataLayer object used by Google Tag Manager. The same applies to both approaches – it is necessary to control the quality of the data and the allowed values for each variable.

What can happen to the data layer?

If your website undergoes an extensive implementation of web analytics (or onboarding in our case), a common part of which is the implementation of the dataLayer data object, you will find after a while that some data no longer fits with the reality of the information in your business systems. This usually happens when you redesign or update a website or change its content – some events and data drop out or do not reach the quality they had when they were launched on day 0.

Now what?

The solution is simple: it is advisable to audit the current measurement and set up a regular check (we call it a guarantee audit) to ensure that problems are detected at least at the time of the next audit. This audit can be done manually. We at Archetix hate manual work, and therefore we automate everything we come across.

Guarantee audits are just the thing to automate on your site so your analyst can get on with more useful work.

Automated guarantee checks

We are able to set up various automated guarantee checks for your website, from manual to semi-automated to automatic. At the same time, we are able to set up quality and consistency checks at several levels – either directly on the website or on the collected data in analytics or advertising systems. The different types of guarantee check implementation differ in the size of the initial investment as well as the cost of maintenance and operation. The system can run fully in your environment and the outputs can be processed by any marketing specialist.

Ensure maximum quality of your data today and stop burdening your analysts with repetitive and monotonous work.

If our guarantee audits aren’t enough for you, check out the option of using daily alerts with our Smart Alerting System.

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