Real-time margin calculation

Need to work with cost per item and margin in real time? We have a solution for you!

What is real-time data processing for?

You can use real-time data processing when a customer converts in your e-shop and you need to get data into your advertising system based on that. The information about the conversion is sent by the visitor’s browser – that’s why you need instant processing.

With immediate linking, you can optimize campaigns or entire ad systems better than if you send the entire cost to them. Why? Each product or brand may have a different margin – and you want to optimize your ads according to real profit (instead of traditional revenue data).

Margin data

Working with data comes not only with the import into the advertising system, but especially with the few steps before – the margin data must be gained and processed.

  • Shoptet and some other solutions provide a purchase price (from which a margin can be calculated)
  • Margin can be in external systems (SAP, warehouse systems)
  • Margin can be defined in several areas by percentage (for example by brand)

The margin data also includes tax data – some products are tax exempt, each product may have a different tax rate (this cannot be calculated at the brand level).

In addition, the margins are affected by different currencies (language versions of the e-shop, the possibility of buying in multiple currencies) or different shipping costs from those charged to the customer (free shipping for the customer is not free for you, COD surcharge, etc.).

How does real-time margin calculation help you?

  • possibility to optimize campaigns based on real profit
  • easier communication with the marketing agency – you know which products are interesting for you and it makes sense to focus marketing activities on them

Are you interested in the opportunity of real-time margin calculation? Drop us a line and we will surely find a common ground.

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