Google Analytics 4 training for managers

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Training capacity: 5 participants
Training duration: 6 hours + one hour lunch break 

The trainings now available for Google Analytics 4 from leading Czech and international analysts are mainly focused on the implementation part of Google Analytics4. Due to the fact that we are intensively involved in developing our clients’ analytical and data maturity, it is clear to us that implementation training alone is not enough. In fact, there is a great need to spread awareness of Google analytics 4 among managers as well. 

Managers are often interested in completely different topics than how to set up event tracking or what SQL query to use to process exported data. The most frequent questions revolve around the role of the data layer or server-side measurement in GA4 implementation, the total cost of switching to GA4 or how to organize the training of employees. 

Last but not least, they are also interested in what possibilities the tool brings and what limitations to prepare for. Nowadays, it is impossible to avoid questions about privacy, cookies and in general all the questions around data governance or, on the contrary, what new opportunities the tool provides. 

If you are in the role of a manager who needs to be informed about everything that the migration to GA4 or its implementation will bring to your company and how to plan the implementation project correctly, the training is exactly for you.

The whole training is a managerial overview, the purpose of the training is not to learn how to implement the tool. That is what the GA4 training for analysts is for.

GA4 training content for managers

  • Data in Digital Marketing
  • Why and how GA4
  • Main differences from GA3
  • Benefits of GA4
  • Introduction to event-based analytics
  • How to plan and manage an implementation project (13 steps to a successful migration)
  • How to use GA4 data for marketing management
  • Testing attribution models
  • Experiments in marketing
  • The role of the data layer in the future of MarTech
  • The Role of Server-Side Measurement in GA4 and Modern Marketing
  • Data privacy governance and related topics
  • Building the analytical maturity of your business
  • The future of web analytics

Is the course right for you?

  • Yes, if you want to understand what GA4 is and what role it will play in your marketing planning and organization in the coming years.
  • Yes, if you need to make a decision about how to approach GA4 implementation or migration to GA4.
  • Yes, if you want to make an informed decision about your future MarTech stack.
  • Yes, if you care about privacy and data governance.
  • Yes, if you want to put together buzz words like GA4, privacy, consent, server-side, raw export and more into a coherent framework.

What will you learn on the course?

Understand the role of GA4 in a modern MarTech stack.
You will be able to make decisions on how to approach an implementation and integration project.
You will verify your data and analytics maturity and you will be able to responsibly include milestones such as implementing consents, implementing server-side metrics in your project timeline.
You’ll be reminded of how important the customer and clear business goals are in marketing.
We will teach you how to build analytical maturity in your company and together we will uncover possible future developments in digital analytics.
You will learn how to respond to the buzzwords currently roaming the marketing market. 

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Training price

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