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Training capacity: unlimited
Training length: 4.5 hours + one hour lunch break

Are users leaving your website or mobile app? Want to know why this is happening? We at Archetix solve these questions with the Smartlook tool. Smartlook is used to perform qualitative analysis and therefore detect the reasons why your customers run away from your website and don’t complete their purchase. It is simply a tool for analysing the behaviour of users who visit your website or mobile app. It will show you how individual customers behave, what confuses them about your website, whether your website/mobile app makes sense to them, highlight technical errors and much more. 

So if you use quantitative analytics tools in your business (GA4, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo), you should also consider the qualitative one and define the specific gaps that are causing you to lose customers. This way, you will be able to confirm or refute hypotheses that are established based on GA data and take follow-up actions that will cause an increase in conversions on your website or app.

Archetix is here for you and we are happy to teach you how to use this tool. We invite you to a workshop where you will get acquainted with Smartlook, learn how to insert codes, we will show you what you can do with Smartlook, when, where and how to use it and best practices that will maximise the technical side of your website or application. We are partners with Smartlook and have many years of experience with it. We know many tips and tricks and we use it almost daily in our work, so we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

The Training: The Smartlook Tool will be tailored for you and your team to give you the highest success rate and tips that really apply to your current situation. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about limited capacity as the training will be conducted in Google Meet with recording.

Smartlook course content

  • Smartlook from an analytics perspective
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analytics
  • Introduction to the tool – familiarization with the interface
  • How the tool technically works
  • What the tool can do and when to use each part
  • Temperature maps – what they are and how they work, how to set them up, tips on what events to set up
  • Events – what they are and how they work, how to set them up, tips on what events to set up
  • Funnels – what they are and how they work, how to set up, tips on what events to set up
  • Segments – how to filter recordings and create segments
  • Advanced features – reports, cohorts, JavaScript errors, dev tools, APIs
  • Long term working with the tool or CRO process
  • Tool setup documentation
  • Identifying users and custom events
  • Questions

Is the course suitable for you?

  • Yes, if you don’t know why users are leaving your website or mobile app.
  • Yes, if you want to understand your customers and their behavior on your website or app as much as possible.
  • Yes, if you want to test and optimize landing page design for your campaigns.
  • Yes, if you want to test hypotheses based on Google Analytics data (e.g. conversions drop out and Smartlook can reveal that a form didn’t submit).
  • Yes, if you want to map the journey of visitors to your website or mobile app.
  • Yes, if you’re a marketer, UX/CX consultant or CRO and want to take your services to the next level.

What will you learn on the course?

  • We will show you how Smartlook works from the analytics side, from the technical side and introduce you to its interface.
  • We’ll explain what falls under quantitative and qualitative analytics, show you examples of each analysis, and characterize the differences between the two disciplines.
  • We’ll show you how to embed codes into the web – implementing Google Tag Manager and Shoptet.
  • You will learn how to use the different features that the tool can do and we will explain when it is best to use these features and where.
  • We will teach you in detail how to work with heatmaps. What temperature maps are, how to set them up and tips to use in your work.
  • We’ll explain and teach you what events are, how to set them up, and tips at the end.
  • You’ll learn how to work with funnels, know what they are, how to set them up and we’ll give you tips at the end that will be useful for your future work.
  • We’ll show you examples of recordings, explain what recordings are, how to set them up and notes to make your work more efficient.
  • You’ll know what segments are, how to set them up, and we’ll show you hacks you can use in your future work.
  • We’ll also teach you how to work with advanced features like reports, cohorts, JavaScript errors, dev tools, and APIs.
  • We’ll show you how to approach the tool from a long-term perspective, so we’ll explain what CRO processes are.
  • By the end of our workshop, you will be able to identify users and custom events yourself.
  • If you have any query that you want to work out with us, we are more than capable of resolving it and identifying the root of the problem.

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