Setting up heatmaps and funnels in Smartlook

For marketing to work properly, you need to look at data qualitatively (why) and not just quantitatively (how much).

For this, at Archetix, we use the Smartlook tool, thanks to which it is possible to reveal the behaviour of customers within purchase funnels and conversion paths. The data, which in analytical tools tell how much something has changed, and then you can look at it through the lens of “why it happened”.

Thanks to the wide possibilities of Smartlook in several ways:

Heat maps – so-called temperature maps will help to reveal the weak points of the website, where users get lost in individual pages, either because of the length of the page or a large number of poorly differentiated elements.

Funnels – people on your website add products to the cart, but do not buy? With the help of properly created funnels, you can easily reveal in which part of the buying process you are losing potential customers and why.

Are you interested in what else you can discover with the Smartlook tool?

For those who want to try everything first, Smartlook offers a trial version of the highest package, where you can try working with an unlimited number of events and heatmaps.

If you need help with the tool, we will be happy to help you! We most often help our clients with the implementation or regular analysis of data from Smartlook.

If you want to try Smartlook, there is a 10-day trial.

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