Archetix work in the cloud

In our opinion, it no longer makes sense to own physical servers today. And at the same time, owning physical servers does not identify with the values of our company. What reasons lead us to this opinion?

  • Energy efficiency of local servers will not be comparable with efficiency big players can achieve.
  • The scalability of one’s own hardware is very demanding.
  • Physical servers require a physical presence and do not allow you to work freely from anywhere.

If you are not trying to compete with the largest companies in the field of providing server capacity, other problems will emerge.

  • hiring good people
  • maintaining the latest technologies
  • physical securing
  • backup ability by location
  • and many others

This raises the question of where and how to set up a cloud storage. We think there are three biggest services today:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

In our company, we decided to use Google Cloud, where we decided to transfer not only most of our data but also client data. You can find more about what Google Cloud is here.

Data can serve humanity, but unfortunately, storing it is energetically demanding. That’s why we’re excited that Google is dealing with this problem, and running all data centers on fully renewable resources. (Which does not mean that Amazon or Microsoft do not solve this problem)

Google Cloud is very actively devoting to data security. So much that their Principle of least privilege actually annoys us from time to time. At the same time, Google Cloud not only develops its own safety components but also helps technological progress.

One of the main activities that we deal with is the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing. This is closely related not only to Google Ads but also to many other tools we use. The biggest advantage for us, The Archetix, is that we store data from all these tools directly on Google, and we do not have to move around several ecosystems.

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