Facebook Ads

Why venture into Facebook ads? Facebook, more specifically Meta, under which Instagram falls, is the easiest way to venture into the world of paid campaigns. There are a large number of users on this social network, in the millions, who may be your potential customers, as chances are they don’t know you. 

Why use Facebook Ads

What is the main advantage? Facebook has its own users who voluntarily share a large amount of data about themselves. with the help of which you can target them and find the right user, at an affordable price. What are their interests, what pages they visit, where they live, work, what relationships they have… 

Moreover, if you already have such users, you can create so-called audience copies based on similarities to help you expand your circle.

How to work with Facebook Ads

There are other options that can be used to target users. You can set up so-called remarketing or conversion tags that target users after they have visited the site or met a pre-set goal. It’s up to you what target you set. It can be a purchase, downloading a file, reading a blog article…

Do you have to deal with Facebook settings? Facebook pixel, collecting users who meet a goal you set? We are able to help you!

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