Google Ads

These days, if you want your product to reach customers, it’s almost impossible to operate without paid advertising. Google Ads, as the largest advertising platform in the world, is a very important component for a lot of clients.

Why use Google Ads

Almost everyone on the internet uses Google Ads, primarily the most widely used platform – from international eshops, to small businesses, to blogs… To get potential customers to your website specifically, you need to use ads because the competition is huge.

How to work with Google Ads

You can get advertising using Google Ads almost everywhere on the internet – search advertising, content advertising within banner ads, videos…

Google Ads can also be used for remarketing activities, based on the completion of a given activity – do you want to retarget people who viewed a certain product, added it to their cart, but did not purchase, or start collecting marketing audiences that meet your goal?

These are the kinds of things we can help you with as Archetix!

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