Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry benchmark for web analytics, used by more than 95 percent of web projects.

Google Analytics allows you to measure your website traffic and display it in clear reports. Its history dates back to 2006 when Google bought the company Urchin and started building its own web traffic measurement platform. The latest version of the tool, which allows you to measure apps and the web together, saw the light of day in October 2020.

If you need to find out how many people visit your website and what they are doing there, Google Analytics is the right choice for you. For e-commerce stores, they offer an e-commerce measurement module in an advanced or basic version.

Why to use Google Analytics

Nowadays, every web analyst or enlightened marketer knows Google Analytics. If you are starting out in web traffic evaluation, Google Analytics is the right choice.

In the history of our company, Google Analytics stands as the main tool around which our entire company began.

The main advantages of the tool are its free availability, comprehensiveness that will last you for months or years, a wealth of training materials and a strong community.

We are able to offer a flexible implementation for smaller projects containing basic settings to ensure data purity.

For more demanding customers, we offer precise English-friendly documentation of the settings performed, training of our inside team, and complete service and management of the measurements.

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