Google Partners Certification

At the beginning of 2022, Archetix was certified as Google Partners, thanks to our exceptional experience in measurement and data preparation of successful campaigns for our clients. High quality campaigns enable our clients to grow their business, and for us, that translates into happy customers. Through the Google Partners badge, we as a company have the opportunity to work with a wide range of benefits such as consumer statistics reports, better ad account support and more detailed technical support. At the same time, this program demonstrates a high level of skill and knowledge in Google Ads, as the holder must meet requirements in three categories – performance, spend and certification.

In the area of performance, the requirement for certification is the correct and optimal setup of campaigns in Google Ads to deliver maximum results to clients. The optimization score in this case must not fall below 70 %. In the last part, it is necessary to have fulfilled the certifications for Google Ads.

By meeting all the required requirements, we can provide our clients with even better and more effective services. We appreciate this evaluation and our next goal will be to earn the Google Premium Partner badge.

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