Google Tag Manager

The number of marketing, tools, systems and advertising networks has increased significantly in recent years. Along with them, there is an increasing amount of code, called tags, which you have to constantly bother your developers to implement. At the same time, you have no control over the implementation of the code, running and modifying them across the web is complex and checking the functionality of the so-called debugging is very complicated.

But everything has its solution. In this case, the solution is referred to as a Tag Management system, i.e. a tag management tool. The most accessible for the general public is Google Tag Manager. 

The tool allows you to easily insert individual marketing and analytical tags on your website, allows you to precisely set their launch and test the entire implementation. 

Why we use the tool

Just like Google Analytics, this is the most widely used tool for managing marketing tags. It gives you full control over the measurement of your site, offering clear user management and versioning. 

It can work with javascript object dataLayer, which helps in processing data into multiple systems and queuing requests, which is a necessary thing in case of asynchronous implementation. 

We always build all our web analytics implementations on Google Tag Manager, which makes individual implementations easier and faster.

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