OneTrust: a complete consent management and data protection solution

In this day and age where data protection is becoming a priority for most businesses, managing consent and collecting user information is becoming a key element to ensure compliance with relevant legislation such as GDPR and CCPA. One of the leading tools that helps companies in this area is OneTrust.

OneTrust is a comprehensive consent management and privacy platform that allows businesses to easily manage and obtain user consent for the processing of their personal data. The tool offers an extensive set of features for tracking, managing and documenting consent and user preferences on websites.

Benefits of OneTrust

1. Comprehensive functionality

  • OneTrust provides a wide range of consent management tools, including options for collecting, managing and documenting user consents.
  • It offers a comprehensive solution for tracking cookies, managing user preferences, and meeting the requirements of GDPR and other privacy regulations.

2. Flexibility and configurability

  • The platform is fully configurable and allows companies to customise how they collect consent and manage user preferences according to their needs and specifics.
  • It provides the ability to create custom consent forms and settings according to customer requirements.

3. User interface

  • The easy-to-use interface allows for efficient consent management and provides a user-friendly environment for setting user preferences.

 Disadvantages of OneTrust

1. Complexity of implementation

  • For some users, implementing and configuring the tool may be somewhat complex and require technical expertise. A large part of the implementation is done directly in the OneTrust administration and then a smaller part in Google Tag Manager. If you would like to discuss the implementation of the tool, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will take care of you!

 2. Pricing structure

  • OneTrust’s pricing policy can be quite high for smaller businesses or websites with lower budgets.

Monthly subscription

OneTrust pricing plans vary depending on the scope of services and needs of a particular business. The monthly subscription fee for using OneTrust depends on the size of the organization and the range of features the business needs. It is usually a flexible model with different service levels and pricing.

Comparison of OneTrust vs Cookiebot

DestinationComprehensive consent management solutionComprehensive consent management solution
ConfigurabilityGreat flexibility in setup and configurationMore limited configuration options
Easy to use interfaceEasy to use environmentUser-friendly and simple environment
Pricing policyHigh price for some usersDifferent price plans from 0 to 50 EUR per month
GDPR and consent supportFull GDPR-compliant coverage and supportFull GDPR-compliant coverage and support

Consent Management and OneTrust

OneTrust is dedicated to providing comprehensive Consent Management solutions. It ensures that users have visibility into how their personal data is collected and processed, and allows them to actively manage their preferences around consent to data collection and the use of cookies. It provides transparent information to its users and allows them to freely decide on their preferences.

OneTrust is one of the leading tools in the field of Consent Management, as it offers a wide range of features and an easy user experience that supports data protection compliance.

OneTrust is also one of the certified Consent Management Partners listed by Google on their support site: New Google consent management requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK (for publishers) – Google Ad Manager Help, meaning there’s no need to worry about legal sites. OneTrust also meets all the criteria for the newly prepared Consent mode v2, which will be effective from 30.3.2024.

If you don’t feel like implementing OneTrust yourself, we have a solution for you! Just contact us and we’ll set up an initial call to discuss your needs and offer the most suitable tailored solution. Get OneTrust set up right, drop us a line!

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