The Dilemma of Collecting More Data Than Necessary

In today’s digital era, data collection stands at the forefront of many corporate strategies. Companies invest substantial amounts into web and data analytics to obtain detailed statistics and insights into their customers’ behavior, seeking valuable information to enhance their products and services. However, there’s a catch – often, we are collecting and storing more data, vast amounts evendeeof data that we never use or that don’t provide us with any actionable insights.

Costliness of Data Collection

Collecting and storing data isn’t a cheap endeavor. Companies must invest in infrastructure, software, and employees capable of managing and analyzing this data. Additionally, the costs of securing and retaining such data can be high, especially considering the increasing demands for personal data protection.

When gathering excessive amounts of unusable data, organizations expend significant financial resources on storing, analyzing, and securing data that doesn’t yield any real benefits.

Efficiency and Benefits of Data

The key question a company must ask itself is whether it’s genuinely leveraging the data it collects and whether this data brings any real value. Effective web and data analytics should aim to achieve several goals:

Advantages of Excessive Data Collection

  1. Broad Perspective: Collecting a large volume of data can provide a broader view of various aspects of a company and its market.
  2. Archiving: Data can serve as an archive of valuable information for future analysis and the company’s history.

Disadvantages of Excessive Data Collection

  1. Financial Costs: As mentioned earlier, collecting and storing a large volume of data can be financially burdensome.
  2. Confusion: Too much data can lead to chaos and losing the main focus of analysis.
  3. Data Protection: Storing large volumes of data entails increased responsibility for its security and the protection of personal information.

It’s essential for companies to carefully consider which data is genuinely relevant to them and how they will effectively utilize it. While collecting data is important, it’s also crucial to be able to analyze it correctly and use it to achieve strategic and marketing objectives. Data and web analytics should be tools that help companies analyze and report data on their customers, purchases, and other conversions, rather than being unnecessary burdens.

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