Improving data and analytics maturity for is a major online platform specialising in travel and leisure offers. Their commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences led them to the decision to seek out specialists in optimising their data and analytics infrastructure. This case study focuses on the collaboration between and Archetix to set up and optimise their data structure and web analytics.

Project Overview: approached Archetix to improve their data analytics infrastructure. The project was to review the current data measurement on all domains under Travelcircus, commission a new data layer, implement measurement for the GA4 tool, implement and review conversion events for advertising systems and set up server measurement and data management.

Our main contact person was Lucas Hengstenberg, who was in charge of managing the entire project on the side, communicating with the developers and acting as the account for our entire collaboration. Thanks to him, the whole organisation and coordination of joint projects was very smooth.

“Archetix helped us completely re-structure and implement our analytics setup. From day 1 Archetix showed their deep expertise and a strong focus on quality and proper documentation. Throughout the project, collaboration was very efficient and seamless with the Archetix experts working hand-in-hand with our BI, Marketing and Engineering teams while managing the process and keeping an eye on overall strategy. I highly recommend Archetix to any company looking to take their web analytics to the next level.”

Lucas Hengstenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at TravelCircus

Implementation Overview:

1. Audit and documentation of web analytics:

2. Tasks for the implementation of the data layer:

  • Provide a complete specification for the creation of a new data layer for the purpose of data measurement. A complete document containing detailed specifications for the developer was provided to the client. This was followed by several meetings and a testing process of the new data layer.

3. Implementation and revision of GA4 and GTM:

4. Audit and documentation of Matomo:

5. Implementation on web languages:

  • Implementation on multiple language mutations of Travelcircus and associated domains.

Project Timeline:

The project had an estimated timeframe of 8 to 12 months depending on client cooperation. Key project milestones included:

Results and benefits:

The cooperation between and Archetix has produced several significant results:

Complete GA4 implementation:

The implementation of GA4 on the website allowed the client to access more advanced and comprehensive web analytics data. As a result, they can now use GA4‘s new features and reports to gain deeper insight into their users, their behaviour and their results. They can also export their GA4 data to BigQuery, allowing them to perform more complex and customised analyses and queries.

Ad Conversion Optimization:

By optimising ad conversions, Travelcircus sends accurate and consistent data to its other marketing platforms and tools. They can then properly track and measure conversions across multiple channels and sources and optimise their marketing campaigns and strategies accordingly. At the same time, we’ve tackled what we call Enhanced Conversion for Leads. This is a feature that can improve conversion measurement accuracy and unlock more powerful bidding

Subdomain tracking and measurement:

We fixed a subdomain tracking issue that caused data loss or duplication when users moved between different subdomains of a website. This allows the client to track their subdomains as a whole and analyse how users interacted with different sections and features of their site.

New data layer:

Successful implementation of a new data layer according to our specification, which has become the cornerstone of the entire website and on which we can build in the future, create new events, get more data, etc…


	'event': 'add_to_cart',
	        'products': [{ product object }]
               'basker' :[{ Basket object }],,
       'list': {id: 'id product list', 
                name: 'product list name', 
_clear: true; // the parameter that precedes the recursive merge of individual objects, i.e. the products object is always overwritten by an object from push
Server-side measurement:

Server-side measurement of has been introduced for the purpose of measuring without limitations the different types of blockers. The conversions to advertising systems were then built on this basis and linked to the front-end conversions. The client thus reached more data and is now able to better target advertising.



We are very pleased that our cooperation with the client was varied and successful. We were able to accomplish all the tasks, goals and finally the whole project together, in the given time and with the highest quality. The client was satisfied with our results and we appreciated his professional and helpful approach. We would like to continue our cooperation in the future and participate in other projects and the general development of the Travelcircus organisation.

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