Marek Čech

CEO & web analyst

I am one of the managing directors at Archetix. We have it set up so that I take care of most of the back office activities, which I pass on as our team grows. In terms of client work, I take care of leading and executing advanced implementation projects of Google Analytics, Google Firebase, Google Tag Manager and other data collection tools. My specialty is more complex ecosystems of websites.

In 2019, I’ve started to learn Google Cloud, where I work primarily with Google Big Query, Cloud Functions, and Google Apps Script. I use the entire Google Cloud ecosystem on a daily basis to create automated workflows to process data and facilitate daily activities.

My day job consists of continuously developing our clients’ analytics implementations, built primarily on Google Tag Manager and DataLayer. Thanks to a sophisticated system of alerts and notifications, I am able to immediately address unexpected situations with clients and guarantee the quality of measurements. About 1/3 of my time is spent on education and development of internal tools. We are currently exploring server-based measurement techniques, Matomo Analytics and other alternatives to Google Analytics.

Besides analytics, my love is marketing strategies built on STDC or other design thinking methods. I focus on them mainly in the area of non-profit organizations and startups, for which I offer free consultations.

Favorite tools and services

My favorite tools include GA4, Google Tag Manager, Google App Script, and Google Firebase. However, I can’t forget about Caflou and Google Workspace.

How did it all start?

I’ve been working in the web project industry since 2006. In 2016, after completing my Master’s degree in Project Management at the University of West Bohemia, I found my love in web and digital analytics, which I consulted on a freelance basis. However, I wanted more and that’s why in 2018 I founded with two friends the analytics studio Archetix, where we are fully dedicated to web, mobile and customer analytics.

Thanks to my beginnings after 2000, when I both designed and developed websites, I have a perfect understanding of how the digital world works and can advise any project strategically and technologically. In projects, I offer a bridge between the technical and business side of marketing and analytics. I can help with an easy entry into the world of web analytics and developing meaningful strategies.

Hobbies and interests outside of work

I consider myself a perpetual student and an active nerd. As soon as I see a door open somewhere with an opportunity I immediately stick my foot in it and try to take advantage of the opportunity. I have already volunteered at the Olympics twice, studied abroad through ERASMUS in Slovenia and the Netherlands, and completed a volunteer internship in Rio de Janeiro teaching English in a slum. In my spare time I ride my bike and climb.

Outside of that, I enjoy building games on the computer, board games and investing.

Products I am in charge of

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