The Keboola tool presents itself as a one-stop shop for more or less everything to do with data. We see Keboola as an integrator of all possible systems (whether they have integration into the tool or not).

  • It offers a lot of integrations that have a written component from connecting to Sklik to connecting to FTP
  • if the integration doesn’t exist, the component can be written (it’s not exactly easy, but there’s a lot of pre-made stuff)
  • data can also be transformed (SQL, Python, R) and exported further
  • all operations can be orchestrated (what is done, in what order and how often)

Whatever system we get our hands on for data analysis, it points to Keboola. Even though Keboola can’t do much on its own. Its strength is that it ties everything together.

Keboola runs on Snowflake data storage and is, of course, very secure. You don’t have to worry about your data. More info on security

Practical tips for using Keboola

At Archetix, we don’t offer Keboola as a solution for your data – it’s usually up to us what tools we work with. But you can be almost certain that Keboola is used in more demanding data operations.

  • database images in AWS
  • connecting and joining data from Google Ads, Sklik, Crito, Facebook, RTB and other systems
  • e-mailing – here we usually send something from Keboola to the e-mailing tool
  • linking data from our own systems (warehouse, order data repository) – for example in the case of Analysis of internal statistics
  • running rules according to settings and sending notifications to e-mail with results (for example, for SEO tools)
  • downloading daily currency exchange rates and matching them in reports (for 3 e-shops in different countries and different carriers we match everything in one currency)

We work well with Keboola for management reporting or analyses of individual channels, segments, categories or brands.

What can the output be?

We usually use this tool asan intermediate element in processing other outputs – analyses, connections or calculations, most often in the form of visualizations. That’s why you won’t even see Keboola here.

On the other hand, if you already use Keboola (have your own), we can use your project for help or consultation. If you are already using our services and your team is in the data world and would benefit from Kebola’s functionality, be sure to let us know as well.

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