BigQuery – Google Cloud Platform

BigQuery is one of the many tools that fall under the Google Cloud Platform and serves as a data warehouse.  This entire tool runs on the same technology that Google Analytics data storage runs on. If you’re interested in what Google Analytics 360 data looks like in BigQuery, you can find a tutorial here.

Why work with this tool?

BigQuery is capable of handling even petabytes of data at a very good speed, so the average user shouldn’t run into system limits if they use the system correctly. For basic use of BigQuery, knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform environment (or command-line) and SQL.

BigQuery is a relatively widespread technology so it is not a problem to find many tutorials and people working with the tool. It can be a bit tricky to navigate the many resources at the beginning, but it’s not hard to find the right one.

BigQuery is able to interact with other Google tools with relative ease. Such as with DataStudio, which itself doesn’t have its own memory.

BigQuery has a very good price performance ratio for us.  If you are interested in BigQuery pricing you can find it here.

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