Shoptet and WPJshop

There are many platforms for creating and managing websites today, so we have prepared a short list of how some platforms work. Specifically, these are Shoptet and WPJshop. Each of these platforms has its own advantages, disadvantages or different customer focus. You can read our impressions and conclusions below.


Shoptet is used for creating and maintaining e-shops to work and look the way you want them to. It is a leader on the Czech and Slovak market, it allows you to create your own online store and gives you access to many solutions, features, automations, advice, templates and many other benefits. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Primarily designed and built for smaller companies or people who are starting to create an e-shop. These are organisations that need to build an online store quickly, easily and cheaply. With Shoptet, you will be able to build an e-store in an afternoon, where you will sit down with the tool in the morning and by the afternoon you will have the entire e-store checked in. It will provide you with a boxed solution, templates, product variants, product storage, data security, e-store growth, connection to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and many other features.

Shoptet manages the purchases itself through its automated processes, which include order automation, sending receipts and emails to customers, and more. At the same time, you don’t have to deal with EET or GDPR as they prepare everything for you and inform you in case of legislative changes. So if you are dealing with an e-shop in WordPress, for example, you will encounter some disadvantages that Shoptet eliminates in its offer. These are specifically manual invoice solutions, EET or payment gateways.

You will also encounter a few shortcomings with Shoptet. Specifically, we encountered the fact that it is not possible to choose the shipping price by number of items, but only by weight. However, we encountered very responsive and helpful support that was quick, helpful and most importantly able to find a solution.

We are partners with Shoptet and we praise our cooperation. 😊


WPJshop works on the same principle as Shoptet – creating e-shops. The difference is their customer segment. Shoptet mainly works for beginners or small businesses. WPJshop caters to larger organisations that have a larger financial budget and time capacity. The e-shop creation and design is primarily based on the requirements of the client, who is then taught how to use the platform. Their approach is very personal and individual.

What is the process of creating an e-shop?

In this case, you don’t create the e-shop, the WPJshop team does. Their creation is built on solid foundations, analysis and testing to ensure that the site setup is right from the start. They also strive for a personal touch with each of their clients so they get to know your needs, but also who your customers are. They will create a prototype of your e-shop, to which you give your recommendations, visions and comments, on which further development is built. They emphasise speed and responsiveness in web design to ensure the site is optimised for desktop, mobile or tablet. 

The clearance time for the entire e-shop is slightly longer than with the Shoptet tool. From the time of the request, they estimate a total web development time of 3 months. However, this includes training your team to continue to operate the platform. 

The next time you work with WPJshop is in about a year and a half, by which time your team has the entire WPJshop environment down perfectly. Then comes the next development consultation, shifting, optimising the site or redesigning it.

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