Content grouping settings in Google Analytics

Especially for members of your marketing team who work with Google Analytics and your website content on a daily basis, it’s possible to customise individual reports and data. There are several Google Analytics customisation options to make this daily work easier. 

One of the most interesting ones is content grouping.

Google Analytics offers the ability to group content (think individual URLs) into groups/categories of up to five levels based on selected criteria. This grouped content can then be analyzed to see if campaigns perform better if the landing page is a product detail or homepage, or if articles about surfing, climbing, etc. are more read.

In Google Analytics 3, content grouping is most often used for larger sites with problematic URL structure, especially to categorize blog articles by topic. For example, products were divided by categories, seasons, gender… For large sites with a large number of different pages, it is possible to group pages by type (called pageType, product, cart, blog article…). It can also be interesting to group articles by author or month of publication.

In the new Google Analytics 4, official support for content grouping is not yet available, but can still be set up. How to do it?

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