How to implement Enhanced Ecommerce for non-eshops and maximise your web analytics capabilities

Web analytics is a key element for online business growth and success. One of the most anticipated features to help non-eshops better understand their users’ behaviour is Enhanced Ecommerce. This advanced form of web analytics allows non-eshops to track and analyse user interactions on their website, even without physical sales. In this article, we will look at the implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce for non-eshops and how they can leverage this technology to maximise their analytics capabilities.

What is Enhanced Ecommerce?

Enhanced E-commerce is an enhanced feature of the standard E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics 4. It can provide advanced analytics and deep insights into how users interact with a website even though the buying process takes place elsewhere (or not at all). This technology provides non-eshops with detailed information about user behaviour such as product and service views, enquiry form submissions, article reading and many other aspects.

How to implement Enhanced Ecommerce

1. Google Analytics 4 account and setup: the first step is to have an active Google Analytics 4 account.

2. Install the Google Analytics 4 code: You can use Google Tag Manager or manually insert the code into the source code.

3. Configure Enhanced Ecommerce: Set up Enhanced E-commerce in your Google Analytics 4 account. This includes enabling extensions that allow you to track various actions and interactions on your site.

4. E-commerce Events: Define the different E-commerce events and conversions you want to track, such as product and service views, form submissions, article reads, ebook downloads, registrations, and more. 

5. Data Measurement: Once Enhanced E-commerce is set up correctly, you can track results in Google Analytics 4. Here you’ll find data on specific user actions, conversions, and other important metrics.

The benefits of Enhanced Ecommerce for non-eshops

1. Detailed analysis of user behaviour: with Enhanced Ecommerce, you can track how users navigate through your site, what products and services they view, and what actions they take before completing a transaction or submitting an inquiry form.

2. Website optimization: The information gathered will allow you to identify weak points on your site and make changes that will increase conversions and improve user experience.

3. Segmentation and targeting: You can create targeted marketing campaigns based on user behaviour. This will help you better reach your target audience.

4. Improved advertising ROI: Enhanced E-commerce allows you to see which marketing channels and campaigns are delivering the best results, leading to more efficient use of marketing budgets.

Enhanced Ecommerce is an invaluable tool for non-eshops that want to better understand their users’ behaviour and optimise their website. Implementing this technology requires some effort and knowledge, but its benefits are clearly visible in the form of increased conversions and better customer understanding. Be sure to analyse your data regularly and make adjustments based on the information you find to maximise your analytical capabilities and achieve success in your online business.

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