Michal Pich

CTO, data analysis and integration

At Archetix I am responsible for data analysis and visualizations. For analysis, it’s all ETL processes; in the case of visualizations, it is to make the data analyses usable at all.

I am the head of the company’s technical direction. I also deal with business and account management of orders, where I control the direction of our work at the client’s side for projects.

Through my work, clients obtain data that can be visualized across systems, evaluated or sent across tools and further used. Typically, data analytics and warehouses can be used to manage marketing budgets, work with different target audience segments and do a lot of clever things that you could hardly do manually in Excel.

Popular tools and services

My favorite tools and services include Keboola, Google Cloud, Deepnote and Gmail. Company-wide, we work on Caflou and with the Google Workspace ecosystem.

How did it all start?

I studied at an electrical engineering high school field network administration, went on to the Faculty of Applied Sciences and then economics for a while. Neither school was right for me, I guess I would look at it a little differently now.

I got into websites and marketing sometime in high school, then databases in both universities. My first job at MAT, where I handled the administration of the K2 system, taught me the most. I worked under a guy who was in charge of retail and I dealt with warehouse management, what were the sales of the stores and I worked with a lot of data.

I went on to work at a joinery named Rott where I dealt with international trade. Then I started working in Archetix with the guys. And here we are.

Hobbies and interests outside of work

I enjoy traveling – especially eating on the road, Turkey, for example. In general I prefer to discover new cultures and customs. I don’t like to travel by bus or car because if I’m not driving I fall asleep. Airplane and local transport are my cup of tea. In my medium term plan I would like to go back to Portugal and visit South America.

In sports, I am into bouldering, alpinism and rock climbing. I am active in skiing and I would like to learn to surf. I have tried that and I think I could get better at it.

We play board games quite often at the company. The thing I enjoy most about that would be the time we spend together with the other team members. I try not to play on the computer and spend my time outside of work in other ways – but when it comes down to it, building games or supply chains get under my skin in no time.

Products I am in charge of

Analyzes of internal statistics

Experiments and AB testing

Server logs analysis

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GTM server-side implementation

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