Pavel Košan

Data Analytics & Internal Development

About Pavel

I work at Archetix as a data analyst and partly as a developer. Apart from data transformations, visualisations and reports, I am responsible for developing custom components and take care of managing the company portal. So I often work somewhere between analytics and internal development. 

From what I’ve encountered so far in my work with Archetix, I enjoy creating interesting components. For example, I’ve created a component to automatically bulk file invoices for corporate purposes. It’s great to see that my creations are actually being used in the company. I also create components for Keboola so that we can integrate data from different systems. 

Of course, I’m also interested in data analytics and data in general. Most of all, I enjoy exploring the data and looking for answers to questions. It’s actually a kind of thought process = connecting what the data means, how I can aggregate it, modify it, combine it, calculate new values, etc. to get the desired answer from it in the form of a clear visualisation.

In the future, I would like to apply more of my passion – artificial intelligence – to our work. I would like to incorporate it even more into our services. I’m very interested in this field and enjoy it. I do it in school and in my spare time. We could certainly develop company products that would subsequently make certain company processes easier.

Generally at Archetix I work mostly with Michael and Marek. With Marek I manage our internal company portal, and with Michael we work on data issues, i.e. analyses, reports, etc.

Favourite tools and services

As they say “data is the oil of our time”. Companies that take care of their data and see the value in it have a legitimate competitive advantage. In general, it’s silly to collect data just to have it lying around in databases. With data, a company can streamline its decision making, understand its customers or perhaps identify its weaknesses and then focus on those.

One of my favourite tools at work is Keboola, which I was only introduced to here at the company. I mostly use DBT for working with data transformations and preparing data for reports. And for component development, mainly Python. 

Besides what I use at work, I also know Java and C programming languages, but Python has been number one for me for a while. In terms of artificial intelligence, I work with TensorFlow and scikit-learn. I definitely want to delve more into vector databases in the future. I’m very interested in those at the moment and would like to try them out.

How did it all start?

I found out about Archetix through an ad that popped up on my search engine. I then looked at their website, liked their logo and blog. I also noticed that they had open positions for internships in data analytics. So I gave it a shot and now I’m here. 🙂

Outside of work, I study at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Pilsen. I have already completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering informatics, and now I am studying a follow-up master’s degree in software and information systems. I focus on advanced data processing and analysis and a lot of my projects are focused on artificial intelligence, especially deep neural networks. 

Hobbies and interests outside work

I have the dis/advantage of enjoying education in my spare time.  I read articles, blogs, technical books, textbooks in various fields, most often mathematics, statistics, AI and data analytics.  Aside from self-education, I also like to read fiction, and my favourite genres include fantasy, scifi, mystery, and horror stories. 

I also read some popular science literature from time to time on a variety of topics, from physics and maths to economics. I would like to recommend to everyone the book What We Cannot Know: Explorations at the Edge of Knowledge by the acclaimed British mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.  

Then, of course, I like to watch films and TV series. Who doesn’t like movies and TV shows? Some of my favourites are Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

I also love spending time with my beloved dog Spongebob, family and friends. We go to the cinema or the theatre occasionally.

Besides all that, I like to write stories. I write a lot of short stories, I even placed 4th in a national horror short story writing contest with one and it was published in a magazine. I currently have one book in the works, but unfortunately I haven’t had much time to work on it lately, but I hope to finish it soon.

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