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web analytics & visualization

About Tom

My primary focus at Archetix is web analytics, where I focus on quantitative and qualitative analysis. I perform quantitative analysis in GA4 and qualitative analysis in Smartlook. In quantitative analysis, I use what I call user funnels, where I define the steps I want a user to go through and then track which steps users drop off at. Subsequently, to find out the reason why users don’t go through the steps and why they therefore don’t complete their order on the e-shop, for example. I use Smartlook to do this, which just helps to uncover the reasons and potential problems. I do these activities primarily in collaboration with Marek and Martin.

Conversion optimization is another area I focus on at work. I also work in Google Tag Manager, where I set up web measurement, in which I sometimes use my newly acquired knowledge of Javascript. I’m also the company graphic designer, so I take care of everything needed regarding the customization or setup of the company website, regular monthly updates of plugins and templates, graphics setup, etc.

My main goal or effort is quite simple, and that is to ensure or help our clients to grow their sales. With proper measurement and evaluation, the client can take steps that will make their marketing team more efficient or recommend specific changes to the web team. I also provide clients with an unbiased view of their website where I am able to point out errors, adjustments or improvements. All of these activities are aimed at the same basic goal – increasing the client’s overall revenue.

Favorite tools and services

It’s challenging to say which tool I enjoy the most, but so far it’s Smartlook, which is a terribly useful tool. It is used to perform qualitative analysis and can record every single visit, every single visitor, whether they are coming from a mobile, tablet or computer. It’s one of the few tools that can tell me how a user is behaving on a website and that makes it easy for me to detect errors on the site.

Google Tag Manager is a web event tracking tool in which I use javascript codes. GTM sends the events to Google Analytics 4, which is another tool I use. In GA4, I especially like their user funnels and the fact that it can pull valuable information about user activity on the site into Google Data Studio.

I love working with spreadsheets, so Google Sheets is the best for me. They allow me to create charts, macros, filter data, visualize data, can be linked to Apps Script (which I’m learning at the same time) and many other hacks that make my work much easier. Last but not least is Looker studio (formerly Google Data Studio), which is used for advanced data visualizations and where you can create complex dashboards even using SQL.

How did it all start?

Before Archetix, I worked in finance and in my spare time I was a freelance web designer. Working in finance didn’t suit me and I wanted to focus more in the web designer direction, so I started thinking about a change. I was approached by Jiří on LinkedIn and subsequently made some nice calls with him and Marek. Our collaboration started in April 2022, I liked their corporate comfort, freedom and the opportunity to realize more. Practically the first second I saw Jiří’s message on LinkedIn I knew I was moving on 😄 . And that’s how I switched from finance to web analytics.

Hobbies and interests outside work

When I’m not making websites, I spend the vast majority of my free time watching movies and TV shows. My preferred genres are themes around post-apocalyptic, disaster and zombie stories. Very positive, I know 😄. 

I am also interested in political debates. I like to keep up to date with political and economic news.

Sometimes I play some computer games with my friends, like Age of Empires. I also play Star Wars from time to time, but generally playing on the computer or on my phone is not one of my favourite activities.

Cooking isn’t exactly my hobby either, but once I have the opportunity to use a lot of chili, it’s immediately my favorite hobby. The last hobby I haven’t mentioned is photography, where I occasionally go out to take pictures. Some of my favorite shoots include macro style, long exposure, night shots, and water.

But the two cats that deserve the most love are my two best companions.

Products I am in charge of

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