Integrating Google Analytics 4 with CRM or other systems

One of the topics we aim to address in the future is the integration of customer systems (CRM systems) with web data, particularly in relation to Google Analytics 4. Why is integrating Google Analytics 4 with your CRM system so important? Read on!

Due to the changes in the digital ecosystem, primarily due to cookie policies, Google Analytics will no longer contain all relevant data. In the past, users most commonly opted for Google Analytics 4, assuming they would find comprehensive information there. Although the main purpose of the GA4 tool was never to be a leader in analytics, it gradually became one. However, the situation is now changing.

Today, actual business transactions (e.g. orders) are recorded in CRM or accounting systems. Web data, such as the source of inquiries, is essential for understanding these contacts. This process can be technically demanding but is crucial for effective data analysis. An identifier from the website is transferred to Google Analytics, ideally matching the identifier in the CRM system.

If a user has an identification number assigned in the CRM system (e.g. John123), then web data is attached to this data in Google Analytics, indicating that it actually is the user “John123.” This process is necessary due to Google Analytics rules prohibiting the transmission of personal data. As a result, we only have partial data – out of 1000 purchases, we will only have information on 600 of them that can be linked to Google Analytics.

Ways to link the website to Google Analytics 4:

  1. The user is logged in, or an account is created for them, obtaining their ID and connecting it to the data layer and CRM system.
  2. With the user’s consent to data processing, their email is hashed and anonymized. This process complies with GDPR regulations.

Archetix’ perform integration at the Google Cloud and Keboola level. Data is extracted to Keboola from the CRM system and Google Analytics, merged, and stored in Big Query, to which the client has access. Integration can be performed at the user level (individual user purchases) or at the purchase level (no connection to users). Currently, a major motivation for all digital projects is to have the user logged in for as much time as possible while browsing the website. Therefore, clients often make significant efforts to encourage their users to log in early using various strategies such as discounts, bonuses, free shipping, etc.

The key benefit lies in the comprehensive insights available within the CRM system regarding purchases, although it frequently lacks data on visit origins. Without aligning your CRM system with GA4, you’re losing essential information. Through integration, we offer a holistic depiction of customer behavior, enabling a panoramic view. You’ll gain insights into users’ purchasing devices, referral pathways, site engagement frequency and numerous other metrics, enhancing your strategic decision-making capabilities.

Through this integration, you’ll be able to elevate your marketing efforts to a new level. Intrigued by the possibilities? If so, reach out to us, and we’ll schedule a non-committal online call to explore how we can maximize the potential of your data.

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